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I come from a long line of strong Hispanic women (& men) who have created so many hair stories & traditions throughout my lifetime that I continue to remember today. In 1970, my grandparents fled from Cuba and came to Miami to do what they knew best, hair! Most of my childhood was spent in their beauty salon, while my parents went off to work. I clearly remember experimenting & and learning so much at a young age about hair. I guess you can say that's when it all started for me...

My hair story is short from boring....I've been blonde, brunette, red, & even had pink streaks at one point (yes, I've had my tacky stages too). I've never been scared to take risks with my hair and those who know me would definitely be a witness to that! Some days I wake up and I want long luscious hair, meanwhile on some other days I just want to sport the chic bob (I'm so erratic when it comes to my hair!)

Today I have teamed up with Latina Bloggers Connect & one of my favorite brands when it comes to hair, Dove. With Dove's Regenerative Nourishment hair care line, people such as myself never have to worry about damaged hair again! From personal experience, my hair has definitely suffered at some points because of all the color processing I've put it through in the past. Finding products that leave my hair perfectly nourished & with no visibility of damage is gold to me! By the way, these products are infused with red algae + keratin nutricomplex.

I've been using the Regenerative shampoo, conditioner, & serum-in oil for a couple weeks now, and I've loved the noticeable results. The shampoo replenishes nutrients & reinforces my hair, meanwhile the conditioner instantly smooth's out and repairs the internal structure of my hair strands (TIP: I like to leave the conditioner on for 3-5 min for optimal results)

Below I have created a hair tutorial using the new Dove products on one of my everyday go to looks: "the woman bun" (as I like to call it). I love this look because it's so chic, but quick & easy to accomplish. I've also linked all the products used above.


  • Before doing anything I like to apply (about 3 pumps) of the serum-in oil to my already washed & blow dried hair. This helps me bring shine to my hair & protect it from the heat before application. I then take my 1'in curling iron and softly create effortless waves (I like to part my hair into sections for this, it makes it easier).

  • After I finish using the curling iron, I part a little section (at the crown) portion of my hair and secure it with a small band (TIP: for this look, these hair bands are the best because they are not very visible & they're thin). I then twist that section to create a bun, and I try to make it as effortless looking as possible (it doesn't have to be perfect looking). I secure it with some bobby pins & a touch of hair spray to tame the fly away's & baby hairs.
  • For the last step (this is just an extra touch I like doing, but it's not necessary) I take a teasing brush, and tease certain sections of my hair (TIP: doing this will create volume & also give it that messy look)

I hope you liked the finished look! My hair has definitely evolved along with my style. Today, I encourage you to take risks with your hair, & totally go for that hair transformation you've been wanting to do.

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(p.s) be sure to check out this awesome video on the campaign

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Dove and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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