Death by Dinglehopper: My Halloween Makeup Look


Today I have some exciting news! Yes, a special Halloween post. Since Halloween is this Saturday, I wanted to bring a Halloween makeup post to the blog including product information & details! We all know creating an original Halloween look can take up some time and effort, so that's why I called over my handy dandy blog photographer, Danielle! Believe it or not, Danielle has this hidden talent for creating amazing theatrical makeup (Halloween is definitely her holiday). So, we put together this Little Mermaid inspired pop art look with an edge. We had SO much fun creating this look, I hope you enjoy! See below for all further details on how to get this look.

BH Cosmetics First Edition Eye Shadow Palette | Graftobian Pro Paint Cream (for the base) | Urban Decay Contour | NYX Roll On Glitter Shadows (we used this for the lips also- we just lined them and later added eyeshadow) | Wig: Spirit of Halloween ($20!) |Lashes: Wet N' Wild | Ben Nye Clear Latex | Ben Nye Dark Blood | Ben Nye Fresh Scab (for the wound) | Sequences on eyes & brows are from Michaels | Beauty Blender Sponge
Photography: Danielle Margherite
Danielle & I had this idea to give Little Mermaid a twist and stick her "dinglehopper" in the neck area (to give it a creepier effect). This makeup look is a little time consuming (2-3 hours) due to the details, but it's well worth it! We started by outlining the scales on the face with a simple fish net stocking. By painting over the stocking and blending colors together, the ending result comes out as above. The trick to this whole look is blending out the colors well with a beauty blender sponge. My favorite aspect of all the  products used for this look is that they don't crease on the face! That's why taking time to blend everything well is crucial. As for the wounds we created on each side of the neck, we took some fresh scab and applied 2 pieces on each side & molded it with tweezers. After applying the scab, its best to contour around it to give it that bruised effect. Dripping the blood on each of the wounds was the messiest part, but the fake blood dries within 5 minutes and doesn't stain!
I really hoped you enjoyed this Halloween inspired makeup post, and major props to the talented Danielle for being a part of this. Have a safe & fun Halloween!
Until next post, Xo.

Desert Wanderlust




Top: H&M (Similar here) | Fringe Skirt: Hot & Delicious (Similar one here) | Bracelet c/o Ellie Vail | Hat: Forever 21 | Heels: Forever 21 | Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Spot

Photography: MGTorres & Danielle Margherite

Wan.Der.Lust: a strong desire for wandering
 On one of the last days of my LA trip, I decided to take a little road trip from the city to the Vazquez Rocks. Just as the title of this post explains, I am a major wanderluster, and I love exploring and adventuring to unseen places. I enjoy finding beauty in everything and wanderlusting is very similar to finding your adventure through life. Anyways, the weather In Los Angeles is very similar to Florida's because it's just as bipolar! It was really cool and breezy this day, but the moment I arrived to this desert area it was HOT! (I was melting taking these pics).

We clearly all now know that fringe & suede are dominating this fall season. With that said,  I was so excited when I received this skirt as a birthday gift because I was hoping I'd add one to my wardrobe soon enough (since it is a MUST essential). Fringe skirts are very easy to pair up, so I decided to go with a simple turtle neck crop top from H&M. But, you can always style this with a tucked in shirt and even a body suit.

Thanks to Ellie Vail jewelry, I was able to style my new metal screw on bracelet with this look. Ellie Vail has accessorized celebrities such as Giuliana Rancic and have graced the covers of many magazines.  I really wanted minimal accessories (as always) since there was a lot going on with this look to begin with. I felt like a desert princess shooting this, and just knowing so many movies were shot at this exact location made it 10x more exciting!

I hope you liked this look, and stay tuned as I will be bringing a Halloween tutorial to the blog this week. Until next post!


Keeping your #ootd fresh with Dove


 Between running from shoots to shoots throughout the day, quick changes, and heading to events at night the least thing I want is my deodorant to run & leave those unwanted white stains on my outfits. We all know this is something that has most probably happened to one of us at some point, and it's not a subject we like to touch on but this is a worry we no longer have to fret!

 I was recently invited to try Doves Dry Spray Antiperspirant and wow! I cannot even begin to explain how much of a great quality product this is. I am the type that really likes trying new products when they hit the shelves, so take it from me when I tell you I have tried a variety of different deodorants that claim that are "long lasting". I put these babies to test in my most recent trip to LA where I was scheduled to have different shoots throughout the day, one being in the hot California desert. There are six great fragrances for all different skin types with all different purposes, they are; The Beauty Finish, The Sensitive Skin, The Revive Dry, The Nourished Beauty, The Cool Essentials, and The Clear Tone. Not only did I try every single one out, but so did my family. I really wanted their opinion, and ummm.... lets just say I was left with one bottle to myself (they LOVED IT).
Just like a "dry shampoo" this dry antiperspirant sprays on with wetness protection, and gives off a 48 hour lasting fragrance. For any one on the run such as myself, this Dove Dry Spray is a key essential in the daily routine.  Give it a try!

This post is sponsored by Dove and People Style Watch, all opinions are my own.
Until next post, Xo.



Graphic Tee: via Nordstrom Rack (only $16!) | Leather Shorts: Forever 21 (similar here) | Long lined vest: via Nordstrom Rack (similar here) | Boots: Just Fab  | Hat: Forever 21 | Backpack c/o The Limited (similar here) | Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Spot
Photography: MGTorres / Danielle Margherite
I'm so excited to share with you one of the first #ootd I shot during my trip to LA. I had tons of fun shooting these looks (more coming later this week), and had a bigger blast ringing in my 22nd birthday in la-la-land. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity of traveling to different places, and later blogging about it and sharing it with you all!
Anyways, last week I passed by my nearest Nordstrom Rack, and spotted out this totally 90's 90210 tee in which I thought it was perfect for my LA trip (like hello, it has Tori Spelling on could I not?!)  I also picked out this super sleek a- line long vest in which I had been searching for the perfect one for the longest. I love adding this touch to an outfit because it definitely gives any casual outfit a more sophisticated look (especially now for fall). Now on to the boots.....I LOVE THESE. If I could just have these on 24/7 I totally would. Just like the vest, I had been in the search for the right high knee boot. Since I'm so petite, I was skeptical on how it would look on my oh so short legs (if only we all could have T-Swifts legs). Thanks to Just Fab, I found these babies that were affordable & fit me right. My tip for knee highs: make sure they have a good fit! (Baggy boots are a no no).
If you're headed to LA soon, or just hope to go in the future, make sure to stop by Rodeo Drive. Every fashionistas dream come true.
I hope you enjoyed this look, and until next post!




So, today I'm so excited to bring you a very special collaboration with Purple Karma Jewelry. Luckily, The Fashion Muse is the new face of their newly launched puppy collection. If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I had been posting some sneak peeks of the collection since the day it was shot. As of right now, I don't own my own fur baby but if I did I know he/she would be rocking this adorable collection with style. Best part is, it's completely affordable!

With a team of very creative minds, we pulled these looks together and I'm so happy with the turnout. All the accessories featured (on Zara the frenchie, and on myself) are available for purchase. All outfit details are listed at the bottom of the post.
As always, thank you for reading!

ALL looks c/o Essence Miami | Puppy Tee c/o Puppies Make Me Happy | Styling: Social Stylist | MUA: ENV Makeup | Accessories c/o Purple Karma
Photography: Danielle Margherite
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