Girl on the go: What's in my clutch?

They're so many of us that live our daily lives on the go! If you're anything like me, I'm always out and about whether it be in college, interning, photo-shoots, and events. As a girl who loves makeup, with so many things going on throughout the day sometimes our makeup needs a little bit of touching up. Being someone who's always on the run, I can never leave my house without having my handy dandy GiGi New York clutch in my purse. Now you ask, what's in my clutch??  See below!

c/o GiGi New York Personalized Clutch

- GiGi New York can never go wrong. From hand bags to clutches, their collections are all beautiful! And, did you know you can customize any bag to your liking? So cool. Thank you GiGi New York!

c/o Beauty For Real highlighter & cheek tint duo

- There's nothing I love more than a good highlighter! I'm all about glowing healthy looking skin, and this Beauty for Real highlighter does just that without leaving your skin looking oily. Along with the highlighter, the creamy cheek tint is just as good. I was honestly never really into cream based blushes until I tried this one because it applies as a cream and dries on the skin as a powder.  It's a must have!

c/o  Beauty For Real Lip Liner

- I've been all about lip liners recently. They serve as such a good base for any creamy lip gloss or even lipsticks. My go-to color is always a nice nude. I feel like every girl should own a nude lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner! It's a basic essential.

c/o Beauty For Real Lip Gloss

- Barely there is right! The color of this lip gloss is so perfect, it's that nude that hits right between neutral and brown as seen on my swatches (this is great to pair with the lip liner). Oh and my favorite part, this lip gloss has a built in light so when you are in a hurry and you're in the car at night, this bright light makes the application process that much easier.

Makeup Forever "Smoky Eyes" Mascara

- This mascara is no joke! It's a power house packed into a mini bottle. I had never tried this specific mascara before until they gave me the tester of it at Sephora. This is now on my top 5 favorite mascara list. As you see, the brush is very defined as it's thicker towards the top and thinner at the bottom allowing you to give your lashes a nice full look. (Every time I wear this baby, I always get asked if I have falsies on!)

NYX Finishing Powder

- I love finishing powders, and the NYX has to be my favorite of them all. Finishing powders are great to set your whole face after you have finished your makeup. I also use it throughout the day as it helps me conceal any oiliness I may get.

Flower Bomb mini sample

- I can never leave home without having some type of perfume with me! Whether it'd be a perfume such as Flowerbomb (which happens to be my favorite) or just a regular body splash, I always think it's an essential to have especially when you're traveling. You may never know when it could come in handy!

A huge thank you to the ladies at Beauty For Real! All my readers can get a special discount on their Beauty For Real purchase, at check out input the code "FASHIONMUSE". All your products are beyond fab. As always, thank you for stopping by, and stay tuned for more posts this week! Xo

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Style in the City

It's one of the most fashionable nights in South Florida and its coming soon! Yes, I'm talking about "Style in the City" and you won't want to miss it. If you are a lover of fashion or an entrepreneur, you may want to stay tuned for this. I have interviewed Taj McGill the founder of The Styling Firm about this fabulous mixer, fashion showcase and networking event.
See below!


I'm Taj McGill the CEO and Lead Fashion Stylist of The Styling Firm, a Professional Fashion Styling and Image
Consultation Company. I'm a graduate from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where I earned a degree in Fashion Design. 
As a visionary I always had a vision, a dream to build a Fashion Empire. Ultimately The Styling Firm was created. The Styling Firm has serviced a variety of clientele for over five years and the team is composed of Fashion Stylists, Image Consultants, Make Up Artists, Hairstylists, Models and an Etiquette Coach. I am also responsible for annually bringing one of the most Stylish Nights to South Florida; Style in the City Networking Mixer and Fashion Showcase.

The objective for creating Style in the City in 2011 was to congregate Entrepreneurs, Business Savvy Individuals, Socialites, and Lovers of Fashion. Our mission is for guests to depart inspired, entertained, and connected.
Guests can look forward to experiencing the City’s Most Stylish Night. Style in the City 2015 will include fashionable guests embracing a Live Band, Artists showcasing Artwork, HAUTE designs by local Fashion Designers, and an array of Stylish Highlights providing an unique experience. Fash Bags will include amazing gifts from our many sponsors. There will be an abundance of Entrepreneurs and Professionals ready to Network. Our team is anxious to see you on the Red Carpet!
South Florida needs an event like Style in the City to build camaraderie, maximize on our potential to be a leading force in the fashion industry, showcase the talented people in our area, and to build substantial partnerships.
Tickets for Style in the City Networking Mixer and Fashion Showcase can be purchased by visiting   Sponsorship and Marketing information may also be found on the listed website. We look forward to seeing you all on the Red Carpet!
I want to say a special thank you to Taj and her amazing team at The Style Firm. I'm so excited to be attending this years "Style in the City" event. I also have a special announcement in the works with The Styling Firm that you will not want to miss. I hope to see you all there!

Casual in Vegas

Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Forever 21 Boyfriend Shorts | Sneakers: Target | Bag: H&M

And I'm back..... I spent this past weekend in Las Vegas celebrating my 21rst birthday! I can't believe I'm finally 21, I thought this day would never come. But anyways, I tried my best capturing some of my outfits on this weekends mini vacay, but it was hard with the amount of people always around in Vegas.

I was able to shoot this cute little casual look for a day full of adventure. Even though I've been to Las Vegas many times before, I feel like there is something always new to see. I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy to wear since there's always a lot of walking involved when you are sight seeing. These distressed boyfriend shorts, went perfectly with this stripe top (which happens to be a dress, but it was windy this day so I didn't want to risk it )  I always love a  "laid back" type of look. The weather was amazing I must say, the whole weekend was sunny and at a solid temperature of 70 degrees, even hitting the low 60's at some points!

I had such a great time on my birthday weekend getaway, Las Vegas you are awesome! As always, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more posts later this week.


Accept More, Judge Less



Top: c/o Le Motto | Skirt & Bag: Forever 21 | Shoes: Diva Boutique  | Necklace: c/o Armed & Readi

I was so excited when I received my first ever Le Motto tee. All of their clothing contains a special motto, and coincidently I got the "Accept more, Judge less" top. I thought it was perfect, because It gave me the opportunity to open up about a major struggle that occurred at one point in my life.

In this world, you will always come across people who truly care about you, people who care about knowing of you, and people who are just there to find out about you (make sure you always know the real difference). All throughout middle school and surprisingly part of high school, I was the girl who always got bullied. For many of us, this story seems familiar because at one point in your life you've probably been picked on. I clearly remember getting home from school and just crying and making myself sick because of all the humiliation that had occurred or had been occurring. My eye brows were always too bushy, I was always too short and too skinny, and I was always the one who never fit in in anyway. All that background noise definitely took a toll on me, even leading me to switch out of schools and creating major anxiety attacks. Not only did I face the verbal bullies, but the cyber ones as well. It makes it so easy these days to hide behind a computer or phone  screen and ridicule individuals whether it'd be through social media, or text messages. And don't let age fool you, many adults could fall into this category as well. I'm a true believer that bullies don't have an age limits (or filters).

Good news..... it gets better! As you mature more, you start to learn about your self and finally reach the conclusion of actually loving who you are. Finding and associating with the right people also contributes to the realization of your self worth. Be around people that bring out the best in you!  At one point you need to stop wondering if you are good enough, and actually start acting like the amazing person you were set out to be. They're are so many individuals struggling with many types of bullies right now and in many different situations. Stand up tall, and walk with your head up high because "love is louder than the pressure to be perfect" and words do have power. We were all made with flaws, and we should learn to accept more, and judge less.

1Peter 5:7

The Diva Series pt 3: Laced up lovely

This is the final part to my Diva Series, and what better way to end it than with this ravishing set? I have to tell you, when I saw this I nearly flipped. I loved it so much, and I loved it even more when I tried It on. I can't even explain how flattering the lace/crochet detailing on this piece is. It honestly looks like its painted onto your body.

This is another one of those statement pieces that will leave an impression any where you go! I picked out this look specifically, because its the affordable version inspired by the For Love & Lemons sets & dresses that look almost identical (which happen to be splurges). You can see them here

Thanks for stopping by & for the continued support. XO

Photography by: Danielle Margherite


The Diva Series pt 2: Floral Frenzy

Happy Monday! and welcome back to part 2 of The Diva Series! How adorable is this floral print set? I just can't get enough of it. This is definitely a look I can see myself wearing not only in the fall, but even in the spring and summer seasons (that's the good thing about floral prints). I love how it fit so appropriately to my height & body type. I often have issues with pants just because of how petite I am (I usually have to always get them tailored - short people problems) but, gladly these babies fit perfectly!
Stay tuned for the final look of The Diva Series, coming up this week.

Photography: Danielle Margherite 

The Diva Series pt 1: Skate Park confessionals


Outfit & Necklace: Diva Boutique | Booties: Wet Seal (SIMILAR)

I'm so excited to introduce you to this collaboration I've been working on with one of my new favorite spots, Diva Moda Couture Boutique. This is part 1 of a 3 part series, where I feature & style some of my favorite looks for this fall season straight from the boutique itself.

Can we talk about how major this top is?! When I saw it on the rack, I automatically pictured myself in it because everything odd and unique always draws my attention (haha). I paired it up with some simple cuffed jean shorts, and a chunky necklace to add some much needed bling. (P.S) If you ever sport a really basic plain top or look in general, go ahead and dress it up with a bold statement necklace. It'll take your look from drag, to fab!

Stay tuned for part 2 of The Diva Series coming up this week. If you love any of the pieces featured, you can shop for them straight through here.


Photography by: Danielle Margherite 

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