Accept More, Judge Less



Top: c/o Le Motto | Skirt & Bag: Forever 21 | Shoes: Diva Boutique  | Necklace: c/o Armed & Readi

I was so excited when I received my first ever Le Motto tee. All of their clothing contains a special motto, and coincidently I got the "Accept more, Judge less" top. I thought it was perfect, because It gave me the opportunity to open up about a major struggle that occurred at one point in my life.

In this world, you will always come across people who truly care about you, people who care about knowing of you, and people who are just there to find out about you (make sure you always know the real difference). All throughout middle school and surprisingly part of high school, I was the girl who always got bullied. For many of us, this story seems familiar because at one point in your life you've probably been picked on. I clearly remember getting home from school and just crying and making myself sick because of all the humiliation that had occurred or had been occurring. My eye brows were always too bushy, I was always too short and too skinny, and I was always the one who never fit in in anyway. All that background noise definitely took a toll on me, even leading me to switch out of schools and creating major anxiety attacks. Not only did I face the verbal bullies, but the cyber ones as well. It makes it so easy these days to hide behind a computer or phone  screen and ridicule individuals whether it'd be through social media, or text messages. And don't let age fool you, many adults could fall into this category as well. I'm a true believer that bullies don't have an age limits (or filters).

Good news..... it gets better! As you mature more, you start to learn about your self and finally reach the conclusion of actually loving who you are. Finding and associating with the right people also contributes to the realization of your self worth. Be around people that bring out the best in you!  At one point you need to stop wondering if you are good enough, and actually start acting like the amazing person you were set out to be. They're are so many individuals struggling with many types of bullies right now and in many different situations. Stand up tall, and walk with your head up high because "love is louder than the pressure to be perfect" and words do have power. We were all made with flaws, and we should learn to accept more, and judge less.

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