Take a ride with Mazda & I

Fun Fact: I love cars, but fast cars. Cars that are fashionable, sleek, and engineered with design and architect call my name in every which way. That's why when I got presented with the incredible opportunity to work alongside Mazda, I jumped straight to it. I was so thrilled when I got the news of the specific car that I was going to be able to experience, the Mazda Miata MX-5.

Photography: Christine Michelle

When it comes to cars, not only is the style important but so is the substance...and this roadster has both! The Mazda MX-5 is your weekend car goals, with two options of convertible settings you can now choose between a hard top roof versus the regular soft top. As for me, I wanted the best of both worlds: sleek design & adventure, so I went for the hard top model.

Along with a pop-up navigational system, my favorite feature is the fact that the car itself will let you know when you're drifting in your lane. This feature definitely makes the driver aware, it's one more minor detail that fights against texting + driving.

I took the car for a fun spin to Key Largo, Miami Beach, and Downtown all within a weeks time and did not have to fill up the gas tank once, can we talk about being efficient?! After all, it was rated a 7/10 for fuel & economy efficiency.

After all, it may not be the practical car for a family or even kids, but hey...If you're a single cat lady like me, grab your girlfriend and plan a fun shopping trip. Put the top down, blast the radio, and stick the shopping bags in the trunk (there's always enough space for that).

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This post was sponsored by Mazda. All opinions are my own

3 Years with The Fashion Muse

1,2,3! Just like that, three years have passed by, and today we are celebrating three years of The Fashion Muse. To me, it's much more than a blog anniversary, it signifies three years of accomplishments, ups + downs, and most importantly three years of working to make my dreams reality.

For this special edition anniversary post, I selected three looks that best described my style, my personality, and my story. Throughout the time I have been blogging, I have grown and matured. Not only as a brand, but as a person as well. With time, my style has also evolved. I have been able to find myself and better who I am through fashion and beauty.


Photography: Christine Michelle

I'm a Cuban bred Miami girl, enough said! Miami and my Hispanic roots will always have my heart no matter where my career takes me.

Palm Set c/o Diva Boutique (SOLD OUT) // Similar Here & Here 

Just as the word describes, I think my name and definition of the name best describes a part of me that really shows through my style. There's nothing wrong with a little sass!

Feather Flamingo Jacket c/o Saunder (I wore it as a mini dress)

If I were to describe my style in three words, they would be: sassy, edgy, and feminine. With everything I wear, I like to add my touch of femininity because I am very girly in other words. Elegance and feminism never go out of trend.

Dress c/o La Casa Hermosa

I'd say three years ago I didn't have the trust I have in myself now. I cannot stress enough how important it is to always believe in your self. When you do, magical things happen. Take the initiative, and take the risk. In this industry you will be burnt many times, by people (& peer bloggers) you thought had your back, and certainly by experiences -learn from them, and have your own back.  If I had something to tell myself three years back at the start of it all, I'd say: "Go for it girl, you have so many amazing things ahead of you. Dream and plan, you'll make it happen".

Thank you to everyone who has supported me continuously throughout these three years, I know it sounds cheesy....but, my blog would be no where without you all (including my team!).

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How it all began: experience from a self made boss

Just three years ago (in a week to be exact) I sat in front of my laptop contemplating my first blog post without any minor idea of what I was getting into, I just simply knew I loved all things related to fashion, beauty, and most importantly writing.

I always get so many questions regarding how I got started and my experiences thus far from it all. So, I was really excited to do something a little different, and dedicate a post that would help someone reading this in some way.

I have never been the most outgoing person, and writing was always my outlet to express myself best along with style and beauty. My style was always (and still is) the best type of way I can really showcase who I am. It's crazy how passion for certain things can really bring out the best in someone! My blog was created purely on wanting to inspire others through what I would now consider my talent. In no way did I ever believe this was an industry that could supply someone with so much experience, business ventures, and confidence in one self.

This is by far the most repeated question I always get asked. Why? Simply because of one word: commitment! We live in a society where commitment is rare to see (in so many aspects). We ALL wonder and urge to explore what is the magic that keeps others going. For me personally, it's always been the goals I set for myself and my business. Aspiring is free, and reaching your end goal is hard labor, but there is truly nothing better than knowing you accomplished something you always dreamt of. The Fashion Muse has made me believe in things bigger than I ever imagined, so that easily has given me the daily motivation to keep moving forward.

Make a "dream check list" (as I like to call it) and make it a point to check every goal off that list (no matter the time it takes you to achieve it). My goals keep me going, and being able to share my own inspiration to others who may not always see it within themselves.

I never imagined in any way that at the age of 23 I would be a business owner and be the boss of my own personal brand. I have always been a focused individual, but nonetheless ditzy! I honestly didn't think I'd ever be capable of being a business owner. I've learned throughout this whole industry that we are our own personal brand, and we need to always be considered as so.

Many people, and even companies in this industry (or any industry per say) will try to set a value on you. They will also try to make you believe what your worth is, but only you can determine that. Financially, investment in your brand is crucial. True story, when I first began blogging I would work for free on many occasions. You will NOT start getting compensated for your work since the start. Just like anything, you start from the bottom. I will always remember the days where my team was made up of my mother and I (she was my photographer, and pretty much everything else!) She would even sometimes buy me outfits so I could blog on.

Also, knowing your story and target is very important. What sets you apart? Think about that!

Networking is such an important aspect in any business today. Long nights of writing endless emails to pretty much every local venture and world wide brands is what I did on many countless occasions. I just wanted to pitch myself and my blog and in some way get a collaboration on my hands. I must say, I got many no's but there will be that one person, business, or brand that will see that potential in you (trust me on that). Tip: start local within your own city!

I quickly learned that you never really know who out there is admiring your work. A year into blogging and only 900 (or so) followers on social media at the time, a major Hispanic network - Univision wanted to meet me. Me? The girl with no followers (as I thought)....Yup! Me. Someone on their PR team had been an avid reader of my blog, and they genuinely liked the content I was creating. Following ISN'T everything. Brands and companies are getting smarter, and turning to those who are creating the raw content in contrast to those who are buying their following. Stay true to yourself!

As I always say, If you have to write an email to Anna Wintour, do it! You never know. Pitch yourself well, work hard endlessly, and most importantly trust your self and surround yourself with those who see the best in you.

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Polka Dot Maxi

Polka Dot Maxi Dress c/o SheIn (Only $23!) | Chain Saddle Bag c/o SheIn

I recently wore this dress to an event I had with NYX cosmetics and I vaguely posted a photo of it on my Instagram, and it was a hit! You all immediately requested a post out of it.

It's really unusual to catch me wearing a maxi dress, especially a polka dot printed one! First off, I've stated how petite I really am, so maxi dresses usually shorten me. Secondly, we all have heard of that silly myth about polka dots (the same myth about stripes) and how it could make you look "wider". Well here goes nothing, was exactly what I told myself as I slipped into this dress. End result? I loved it! Tip: Don't limit yourself until you really try the item on.

The off the shoulder detail gave it a feminine touch, along with the coordinating sash around the waist.  Not only is the material on this maxi fresh (especially if you live in a constant summer climate - like Miami) but it has movement to it and you know how obsessed I am with materials that flow. We often see maxis with floral and summer prints, but seeing a chic print on a maxi attracted me directly to it.

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