Cyber Week Holiday Sales: What's In My Cart?

I honestly can't remember the last time I shopped in a physical store during black Friday. And, if I did I probably left after an hour of trying it out because of how overwhelmed I felt. This is why Cyber Monday (or cyber week) is my absolute favorite because I can shop amazing deals from the comfort of ANYWHERE. 

I put together a list of some of my personal favorite brands participating in Cyber Monday along with deals actually worth a shot. Most of the items listed are products that are currently in my digital shopping cart. 

You can click on all the products listed, and they will redirect you to the site. Happy Shopping!


50% off everything with code: HUSTLE

30% off everything with code: BIG30

50% off everything + free shipping on all orders 

60% off everything

Various sales 50% and up including free shipping over $35

60%-80% off everything use code: GOWILD15


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Fall Trends To Try If You Live In A Hot Climate

How can one even be "in season" and "on trend" this fall season if you live in 90' degree weather all year round? If you're a babe that likes to stay on top of the trend (much like myself) but you live in a city where it's nearly impossible to step outside without breaking a sweat or humidity making its mark on you - this is for you.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, this is something I struggled with (I think I still do sometimes, ngl). So, I wanted to share some on trend pieces for this fall I love to wear and style accordingly to the climate.

*Honest Disclaimer: I sometimes fake it till I make it, and totally ignore the fact that it's literally summer everyday in Miami and suffer inside for the love of fashion. That's always an option*

Bisous Sweater: H&M | Plaid Mini Skirt: (Sold Out, but I linked a similar one here) H&M | Teddy Bucket Hat: H&M

To deal with the heat, I like to balance out my look. If I decide to go for a sweater top, cardigan, or a long sleeve top, I like to often style it with a lighter bottom. You can never go wrong with a plaid mini skirt for fall to even out the entire look and save you from melting entirely. 

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1 Work Wear Piece To Land Your Next Job Interview Or Meeting

Depending on what your work field is, this post may or may not be for you. However, there's a little bit of something for all you boss babes in the workforce included. I often get the request of styling easy and affordable pieces for those that are in the job interviewing process or often have to attend work related meetings. 

However, I fully understand that we are living in a time were the average 9-5 job has various meanings. Many of us hold roles that are considered "non-traditional" and lets be honest, it's not always an 8 hour work day. 

Blazer: Miss Lola (wearing size small) | Pants: Miss Lola (wearing size small) | Top: Miss Lola (use code: FASHIONMUSE for a discount at check out) 

Whether you are off to a meeting or even a job interview, you can always spice up your outfit meanwhile still keeping that professional aspect. In this case, I really loved this two piece blazer pant suit from Miss Lola for many reasons. Not only is it affordable, but the color of the faux leather caught my eye. I usually love having several pant suit options in my wardrobe because they are so versatile.

Depending on the kind of job you have or the kind of role you want to get, always dress for the job! For interviews, I prefer to always research the company before hand. Are they corporate? Are they more casual? I like to dress for whatever role I'm out to land.


Transitioning: LA Update 1

Nothing in my life has ever come easy... When I think about it, I remember all the times I struggled to get through college and even taking it as far back as simply passing my drivers test when I was 16 (that was a challenge in which I failed the first time - I can't be the only one....). 

With that said, today's blog post is a little more open, vulnerable, and honest because those three words describe my life best at the moment. It's been a minute since I've updated the blog, but as many may know from my last post in April, a new stage in my life began and I'm out here chasing it.

Sometimes I feel as a millennial that this society can sell us dreams full of unrealistic hope and encourage us to just quit so easily because the grass "is always greener on the other side" or as seen on the next Instagram post.

If you have been keeping up with me on my socials, you'd know that I am currently transitioning to Los Angeles. Transitioning is a big word, and adjustment is even bigger. However, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. If it were easy, every person who's ever wanted to do the same would have already accomplished it. Those who have taken this path inspire me endlessly because I know it's all possible. 

I get questions from you guys, friends, and family on the daily asking if I have officially moved because of how much time I've been spending out here in Cali. Answer is, I have not. My monthly trips out to LA have been all about hustle, networking, and challenges. Some may ask, why? And my simple answer to that would be; because I am transitioning. Picking up and leaving isn't as easy as people make it out to be. In all honesty, all my trips out to Los Angeles thus far have been mainly about securing a role in what I love doing. My influencer work plays a major part in that, however I want to take my talents to a whole new level because I have trust in my potential and my potential won't allow me to just sit at home and wait for an opportunity to come to me (it'll never work out if you just wait for something to come knocking at your door).  I'm making those opportunities for myself. 

I have experienced a ton of humbling challenges that (have taken a lot of prayer) I know will be all worth it. Instead of calling this transition a struggle, I'm calling it a blessing. I GET to do this, I GET the opportunity to make this happen, and I'm so fortunate that I GET to chase this goal with no limitations. 

I'm so excited I can share all these experiences and tips with you all as I move onto this major move unapologetically. Hopefully my raw experiences can encourage you to believe that it's all possible, whatever you set your mind to. Trust me, in a matter of four months; I graduated, let go of a stagnant relationship, and booked endless plane tickets to LA in order to call it home. Anything can happen! 

Until next update, 



One Degree Hotter

In the words of Elle Woods, WE DID IT! 

Welcome back to the blog, todays post is meaningful in many ways than usual! I FINALLY graduated college, and as the title of this post states; I'm one degree hotter. It was a very long road to get here, but everything happens for a reason and it's not when you start but when you finish. 


Sequin Dress: Pretty Little Thing (Similar) (and, it's on major sale!) | Belt: Amazon | Glitter Heels: Miss Lola (use code: FASHIONMUSE for 30% off) 

It's been a six year process, with many if, ands, or buts in between. To be completely transparent here, I always struggled with school and it wasn't something that came as second nature to me. I always had to force my self to always see the brighter side of it. 

I can officially say I am a publicist who majored in not only one but, three areas of communications. I achieved a Bachelor in Arts in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications. It's a 4 year degree, but like I said - it took me 6. During the middle of my college years, my blog and influencer work began to flourish and my attention (most of the time) was prioritized on this. It was really hard for me at times to juggle work commitments and school priorities and make it all work seamlessly. 

I failed: I failed countless classes. This held me back, and it held me back from time. Time was always against me when It came to finishing up college. I felt at times like I couldn't finish and definitely questioned my ability. My family always fueled me away from the negatives. You see, my mind was born a creative. I wanted to live in reality so bad, I wanted to work and be in the field doing what I knew best. I come from a family of professionals, my mother has two degrees and my father holds a very high position in his field of engineering. Yet, here I was - the born creative. "Cookie Cutter" jobs as I like to call them, never inspired me. I never saw myself in anything but in a job that related to media. Funny enough, I began this blog at the start of my college days and it has taught me SO much about the industry it self (there's always miracles in disguise).


You guys have seen me go through major life milestones right here on my platform, so it was important I included this moment and shared it with you all. 

I'm a second generation college graduate (my mother being the first). I just look back at all the sacrifices my grandparents made as immigrants in this country for their children to have better educations and futures. I couldn't just give that all up because of feeling unable or frustrated. 

If there is anything you can take away from this post and my struggle is that you're NEVER too old to achieve anything you want (even if it's finishing up a degree). Education won't buy you a career, but it's knowledge gained no one will ever take away from you.


Two Versatile Work Wear Pieces

Versatility is my jam, and so are cute work wear pieces. Why not have the best of both worlds? For some time now, I have received a ton of questions regarding styling affordable work appropriate outfits. 

Although they're millions of bomb outfits out there to style for the everyday girl boss, I went with the classic pin stripes. 

Pin Stripe Top c/o Shop Akira (I'm wearing a size small and it fits true to size- layered vest comes attached) | Pin Stripe Dress: Amazon | Clear Bag c/o Miss Lola (Comes with insert)

Whether you are a top or dress kind of gal, these two pieces are cute enough to be worn "off duty". I feel like work outfits have always had this bad or tacky stigma surrounding them, and it doesn't have to be that way! There's definitely pieces out there that are conservative, professional, and stylish enough to wear to your work affairs (whether that's the office, a meeting, or even a parent meeting). 

What are some of your favorite kinds of pieces to wear to your work place?

Until next post, 


Mixing High End With Fast Fashion

Tiger Print Dress c/o Forever 21 | Lace Up Heels c/o Forever 21 | Gucci Belt 

One of my all time favorite things to do when it comes to styling anything is the art of mixing high end items with affordable ones and making fast fashion seem top luxury.

I mean, who's ever going to know that you are wearing a $20 dollar dress? Taking something affordable and styling it like you broke the bank is the trick (and some confidence too never hurt). However, I do love remixing items to spice things up as seen here on today's post. 

I made one of my very first high end purchases (on my own - your girl has been working hard) over the holidays. I knew that I wanted my purchase to be a versatile piece I can use with many different items if I was going to splurge. With that being said, I went straight for the Gucci belt. I had been eyeing this belt for some time, but it was the right moment to finally buy it. 

Last I checked, there was no rule where you couldn't pair an expensive item with an affordable one. I mean, that's why we have fast fashion (trendy, budget friendly, and quick) stores like Forever 21, Zara, etc...And, it's totally okay if you're not in the market to splurge because you can still look bougie on a budget - It's all about styling. 


Make 2019 Your best year yet: 5 resolutions I'm tackling

As we all settle into 2019 and get back from our filling holidays it's time to re-center and start on a fresh slate. I just got back from a 10 day family trip that took place in one of my favorite cities,  London. I will admit I was a bit burnt out towards the end of the year, and I really needed to escape to a new place to catch up with my inspirations and goals for what was to come. 2018 was an amazing year for me (I take bad experiences as amazing ones too - they help me grow). This past year exceeded my expectations, but left me thirsty for more, personally and professionally. I have listed below 5 expectations I am pushing myself to achieve in this new year. I like to view them as goals vs calling them resolutions (the word resolution has never really stuck with me - it's a tacky word...)

To Do List: Because, I'm a mess
Having a physical to do list is something I have learned to do throughout time. I will admit, I am not the most organized person and through mistakes, I have learned that making lists is what keeps me in check and it keeps my anxiety at an all time low.  These lists usually consist of everyday things I expect to accomplish and goals for the month I work towards. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing anything off of my to do list - try it out!

Trusting in a higher power
Getting closer to my faith is something I accomplished in 2018, I've always been a Christian but I never really believed that I was living my life as God wanted me to be. So, for this year my goal is to really let go and let God. Putting my 100% trust in what he has set for my path has really led me into peace and calmed my anxiety struggles. 
Whatever you may believe in, believe in something. We're all humans who were placed on this earth for many fascinating reasons - manifest your calling. 

Say NO - No one likes a "yes girl"
Not every open door is meant to be walked through. We may think it's the most amazing opportunity or decision, but life may have other plans for you. I used to be someone who would say yes to every single opportunity for instant gratification, personal fulfillment, or even to please someone else when in reality I should have said no because it just wasn't right for me at the moment.
I have also learned to choose quality over quantity. I would drive myself crazy in the past if I didn't have 3 blog posts up in a week, 2 IG posts per day, or if I didn't attend all the events I got invited to. It's okay to say no, and reserve your energy for something bigger. 

Embrace JOMO - Joy Of Missing Out
Just like saying no, JOMO is something I have loved to embrace. I mean who has time for FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? JOMO is where it's at. What is meant for you, will be for you and there is no need to have fear is missing out on something that really wasn't meant for you. Like, who cares when you choose to stay in instead of going out and partying? Netflix is so much better....Just sayin'

Health Is A Priority
2018 helped me learn about my own personal health struggles. From dealing with anxiety to the path of figuring out about my start with endometriosis. I took all that into account, and realized how important it is to put our mental, emotional, and physical health first. 
To really tackle this, I now make certain routines part of my everyday. Like, being determined to waking up earlier, meditating to get my day started, and apply all of the above to ensure I have a great day, week, and year.

With that said, thank you so much for stopping by and reading! I hope that my goals for this year give you a little insight to my motto for 2019. Let's crush this year! 

Until next post, 

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