Make 2019 Your best year yet: 5 resolutions I'm tackling

As we all settle into 2019 and get back from our filling holidays it's time to re-center and start on a fresh slate. I just got back from a 10 day family trip that took place in one of my favorite cities,  London. I will admit I was a bit burnt out towards the end of the year, and I really needed to escape to a new place to catch up with my inspirations and goals for what was to come. 2018 was an amazing year for me (I take bad experiences as amazing ones too - they help me grow). This past year exceeded my expectations, but left me thirsty for more, personally and professionally. I have listed below 5 expectations I am pushing myself to achieve in this new year. I like to view them as goals vs calling them resolutions (the word resolution has never really stuck with me - it's a tacky word...)

To Do List: Because, I'm a mess
Having a physical to do list is something I have learned to do throughout time. I will admit, I am not the most organized person and through mistakes, I have learned that making lists is what keeps me in check and it keeps my anxiety at an all time low.  These lists usually consist of everyday things I expect to accomplish and goals for the month I work towards. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing anything off of my to do list - try it out!

Trusting in a higher power
Getting closer to my faith is something I accomplished in 2018, I've always been a Christian but I never really believed that I was living my life as God wanted me to be. So, for this year my goal is to really let go and let God. Putting my 100% trust in what he has set for my path has really led me into peace and calmed my anxiety struggles. 
Whatever you may believe in, believe in something. We're all humans who were placed on this earth for many fascinating reasons - manifest your calling. 

Say NO - No one likes a "yes girl"
Not every open door is meant to be walked through. We may think it's the most amazing opportunity or decision, but life may have other plans for you. I used to be someone who would say yes to every single opportunity for instant gratification, personal fulfillment, or even to please someone else when in reality I should have said no because it just wasn't right for me at the moment.
I have also learned to choose quality over quantity. I would drive myself crazy in the past if I didn't have 3 blog posts up in a week, 2 IG posts per day, or if I didn't attend all the events I got invited to. It's okay to say no, and reserve your energy for something bigger. 

Embrace JOMO - Joy Of Missing Out
Just like saying no, JOMO is something I have loved to embrace. I mean who has time for FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? JOMO is where it's at. What is meant for you, will be for you and there is no need to have fear is missing out on something that really wasn't meant for you. Like, who cares when you choose to stay in instead of going out and partying? Netflix is so much better....Just sayin'

Health Is A Priority
2018 helped me learn about my own personal health struggles. From dealing with anxiety to the path of figuring out about my start with endometriosis. I took all that into account, and realized how important it is to put our mental, emotional, and physical health first. 
To really tackle this, I now make certain routines part of my everyday. Like, being determined to waking up earlier, meditating to get my day started, and apply all of the above to ensure I have a great day, week, and year.

With that said, thank you so much for stopping by and reading! I hope that my goals for this year give you a little insight to my motto for 2019. Let's crush this year! 

Until next post, 



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