Floral Pin Stripe Dress c/o She In | Heels c/o Lola Shoetique (use code: MUSE15 for a 15% off your next purchase)

Stuck on how to transition wardrobe from season to season? Same....
Florals are actually here to save the day - Cliché enough, florals are (in my opinion) one of my favorite ways to transition my summer wardrobe into a pre-fall ready one.

Have you ever noticed how quick brands switch merchandise from season to season? or how quick retail spaces switch their floors to fall/winter ready spaces? Leaving some of us in a deep despair of the in between... The in between of summer and fall! Fall isn't the same everywhere, fall in Miami usually means absolutely nothing. Hence, why my pre-fall transitional staples include airy floral shirt dresses to help with the heat that long lasts even through the month of December.

What are some of your favorite seasonal transitional pieces?

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It's safe to say that most influencers go through what I like to call "funks", and not only influencers like my self...EVERYONE goes through these moments.

I really love writing up lifestyle posts, because it allows me to breakthrough and give my honest advice and experience on certain situations I've gone through or still going through. It's common to think that bloggers live the picture perfect life (just as aesthetically pleasing as their Instagram feeds display). Truth is, it's a lot harder - especially living your life through so many social platforms.

I've gathered up some ways that have helped me beat discouragement, and live my happiest.

I often receive many messages from bloggers and influencers who are just starting up their own platforms, but they feel discouraged and hesitant because of so many reasons...and I am right here with you!

Never compare
I truly believe this is one of the hardest things not to do....especially when your first starting out your blog, a new job, etc. This also exists after years of doing a certain something, and not reaching the goals you've wanted to accomplish. It's very easy for us to compare to others that may be achieving things at a faster timing, or may be working with brands that you've always wanted to work alongside with, or even in following! Following is just a statistical number, and it does not verify the quality of the content you are producing.

What I've learned? Never compare, always assess. Instead of comparing, take notice in what others may be doing that helps them move forward in their goals. Look at the comparison as an example, not a road block.

Do you, boo
As funny as this sounds, it's something I repeat myself on the daily. It's when we start focusing on others when we forget what and why we started what we love. It's never in our place to judge how others decide to run their business and life in general. We're humans, its in our nature to judge....But in judgement, we end up finding negativity within ourselves and this is where discouragement first starts. Strictly focus on you and your craft, and you'll see how everything starts to bloom. 100% tunnel vision until you get to where you want to be- then off to check off the next goal!

Dress (SOLD OUT) c/o Diva Boutique Online (Similar Here) | Star Clutch (No longer available) c/o Call It Spring | Glasses: Forever 21  | Watch c/o Reuben Ray

Don't be a fraud, stick to your story...
Pitching who you are and letting that shine through, whether you're a blogger, business owner, or simply someone's co-worker is key. Is selling your story (who you essentially are) always easy? Definitely not! The fear of rejection, or not being liked by everyone is a major road block for the most of us, but who we truly are is our unique print - It's what sets us apart. Sounds cliché, but never change your ideas, morals, values, likes, and dislikes because the trend tells us so. Stick to being you, always.

Pick your self up, love yourself
I often question myself a lot, just like I often double guess if this is what I should truly be doing since it's already been done over and over again. If I had to look back three years and give one piece of advice to that young blogger that had no idea what she was getting into is, don't be so hard on yourself!

Whenever I get into these funks, I like to re-evaluate the journey I have come on thus far and the struggles I've had to face to get where I am today and the people I have hopefully inspired! I am an avid believer that everything in life is timed and reasoned. Whether negative or positive situations come our way, they're all to teach us a learning lesson and help us grow as people. And the honest truth is, you're going to let your self down at times, and I'm here to tell you that it's okay. Don't let your discouragement stop your day 1 goal - no matter how long it takes.

Social media is a cruel world especially if you live in it daily and make a job out of it, but its also a beautiful one that (if used properly) can open SO many doors in endless ways. Just remember, they ain't you boo, and no one will ever be.


Summer days are always filled with endless activities, especially if you're vacationing. I wanted to style a dress that was both versatile for the day and for the night.

To easily make this ruffled floral dress wearable during the day, I decided to layer lightly (because, when you live in Miami the heat is brutal). Funny enough, the white t-shirt I added below this dress is a crop top, so it helps prevent from becoming way to hot! And of course, I had to throw on some sneakers. You know, sneakers are my staple now - and it doesn't hurt to say it just added a chic sporty touch to this version of the look.

Floral Ruffle Dress c/o Style Delivers | White Denim Jacket: Forever 21 | Bag: Chloe | Clear Jeweled Heels c/o Missy Empire

As for taking this into the night time, I simply just removed the white t-shirt from under, added some heels, and threw on a white denim jacket over the shoulders.

For the summer, the style of this dress is also super refreshing because of the back cut outs and the ruffles at the hem. Also, it helps that the fabric is a nice light satin fabric!

It's so easy to take daytime pieces (whether it'd be jeans or a dress) into a nighttime look, especially if you're on the run.

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Remember how I said I was really turning more towards the effortless look in my daily style? Well, here's one of my new favorite staples this season, and I think it will continue to be for much longer - the wrap dress.

Polka dot wrap dress c/o A'Gaci (SOLD OUT) but I loved this and this | Pearl Sandals c/o Go Jane (ON SALE) | Cabby Hat: Forever 21(Similar) | Sunglasses c/o A'Gaci

Nothing says more effortless than throwing on a dress and being able to run out the door. Wrap dresses have been around FOREVER, I mean who can ever forget that DVF originated them. With that said, they are definitely having a major moment for the summer and they do provide that easy feeling of being able to wear it and style it with sandals and heels.

Shop some of my favorite wrap dresses below


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Gingham Tee c/o Go Jane (SOLD OUT) but I love this| Distressed Denim Skirt c/o Go Jane | Sneakers c/o Lola Shoetique (use code: MUSE15 for a discount)

Today's post is a quick simple one! With the craziness of Miami Swim Week in the midst, my schedule within the next week or so will be super busy....However, I will continue posting! Determination is key.

And, here I am again with the gingham print. I told you it was going to be my summer staple! I really love how this t-shirt was layered with this gingham bustier attached. I'm still into mini denim skirts, however I have yet to find one that fits perfectly to my height. Since I'm so petite, they're always to big and long in length or too tight and short - the struggle! But, I really liked how this skirt wasn't as short and it still worked well with the sneakers. Usually for a mid length skirts I like to add height with heels, but hey... you know I'm a sneaker loving girl now!

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Ruffle Crop Top c/o Diva Boutique (use code: PRISSYDIVA for a discount) | Skirt: Charlotte Russe (no longer available) but I love this and this | Shoes: Simmi | Tassel Earrings c/o Diva Boutique

Gingham is back & in every form! It's this summers staple and I'm totally not hating that fact. The gingham print had its moment, and it came back revamped - you can wear it in so many ways.

I feel like as every season goes by, my style changes but it keeps its basic form....If that makes any sense. I love mixing different prints and giving them my feminine twist (like the ruffle at the hem of this skirt). For this summer, my style has definitely been inspired by the South of France. Although I am dying to visit, I feel like this airy, feminine, fresh and effortless look is everything and anything I have been after.

And, can we please mention how tassel earrings are having a MAJOR moment.... I'm guilty of saying I currently have like every color of tassel earrings in my shopping cart as of now. They're a great and easy staple to add into any look you may want to amp up.

Any one else into the effortless look?

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