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Pink 2 Piece Suit c/o Lola Shoetique (use code: FASHIONMUSE for 20% off) | Pink Plastic Heels c/o Public Desire | Bag c/o Akira 

If there is one kind of suit you'll catch me wearing, it's a pink one. Suits are so powerful and (if well tailored) they can bring some good ol'e woman power.

I've been planning to put this post out for quite some time, but I just needed the right outfit first. I get so many questions whether blogging is my full time career, if I'm a college student, and even how I manage having a business at my age. What better way to tackle all that than in a suit that screams girl on the run?

It's been two years since I incorporated and became a business owner. Yes, this platform that I started as a hobby became my business at 23 years old! Sometimes it's still so crazy to believe because I never considered myself the business savvy girl. At almost 25 years old now, I'm accomplishing much more than my business. I'm finally going to be graduating in the fall with a degree in not one but three fields of the communications field (Public Relations being the main one). 

It's been quite the long road, and not the easiest. I'm SO terrible with time management, so I've resulted to several options that have had to help me organize my business life from my student life. With all open honesty, I've never been the "school kind" of girl and it even led me to failing certain courses and having to repeat them but I knew I wanted to get a degree to have more open opportunities in the future. I have so much love for what I do, but I know my potential on the other side of the fence in this industry as a PR pro. Within my own courses, I've seen peers who take on this degree because they assume it's easy. I've seen others that accomplish it in less than the time required and step out into the field. Yet, it's taken me my time and I've become a self made entrepreneur in my own field of work.

I knew since my start into this industry, that I never wanted to let it slip because of other goals I had for myself. Being an influencer has opened so many doors for me, it as led me to meet incredible individuals, and most importantly it has taught me a TON about the Public Relations field. It has been so incredibly hard to manage my focus on two aspects of my life that need 100% of my attention. I've had several professors in the past that knew what my source of income was and gladly understood when I wasn't in class because I was traveling, at photoshoots, or even at fashion week and some that really did NOT care.

It's beyond innovative that we live in a world now where you can make a career out of anything. You can be your own boss and be a student at the same time. There is no age defying, no limit, and no rule book with a timeline. Wear a power suit, and empower. 

As I entered a very important management meeting the other day, I was asked to write down future goals I had for my business. I managed to write down a list of about 5 - 5 terrifying ones I must say. Tracking back to this year so far, if you were to ask me what's one thing I have done more than anything else; I'd say risk taking. 

Band T-Shirt c/o Akira | Mesh Pearl Leggings c/o Akira 

I was deciding whether I wanted to share the 5 goals I came up with but, I found them to be somewhat personal and still very fresh to me. However... The Fashion Muse has been around for 4 years now, and as time quickly passes on by I will never allow for my brand to become a stagnant one. I have always seen so much potential in this whole industry and I have seen where it has taken me thus far. I am a TRUE believer that whatever you throw out into the universe - you can make happen. I have some very exciting things in the works (hint hint: like creating and collaborating looks for a wearable petite collection).

Just like this entire look was a bold risky one, I loved it! I adored being able to have enough confidence to throw something like this on, and believing I was owning it. That's somewhat of the same outlook I've had on my choices as of lately, even business wise. I grew up in a 100% Hispanic house hold, where the "mold" was the "mold". I've never been the one to follow the stereotypes that cultures or even the society puts.  You should be able to do what you love, wear what you feel good in, pick a career or path that enamors you, and cross off every single risk taking move on your list (and closet too!). 

If you don't risk take, how will you ever know?

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2 Piece Set c/o Touch Dolls (also comes in mustard) | Beige Boots c/o Lola Shoetique 

In 2006, I was super fortunate enough to take a trip to South Africa and it was a trip of a lifetime (I hope to go back real soon). I guess you can say that's what inspired this whole photoshoot (+ my love for animal advocacy as you read in my previous post). 

During my trip to South Africa I went on an actual safari for several days. Prior to the safari, we (my family + I) got advised on specifics when it came to "what to wear" on a safari of this extent. They sent over a list with suggestions, in which they included ALOT of earthy tones (for camouflage purposes) and they also suggested bringing clothing that actually had the camo print. 

For this look, I thought back exactly to that list in 2006 because I wanted to somewhat embody that. Even though wearing heeled boots wouldn't be ideal, I just had to add my flair to the whole look! My experience shooting this at Lion Country Safari meanwhile being on the back of a truck with wild animals surrounding me was very similar to the real one in Africa. It involved real up close moments with the animals. For this look, you can spot rhinos + zebras. 

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It's officially been 4 years since I began The Fashion Muse, and in true yearly tradition I had to do something for the special occasion. Early on this year, I knew I wanted to go on a safari and document it with a purpose. However, I live in Miami and safari's are unlikely! But, knowing how I am....I made sure to find a safari in Florida. 

For the next upcoming blog posts, I have teamed up with Lion Country Safari to bring you all the images you will see. I have broken up the photoshoot into separate upcoming posts. It was with purpose that I teamed up with such a great organization because I'm such a huge advocate for animal cruelty and for their protection. For about a year and a half now, I have become very conscious and have educated myself on the fact of animal cruelty - even leaving behind makeup brands that test their products on animals and living a healthier lifestyle by changing my food choices. With that said, no animals were harmed, teased, or used for the entertainment purposes of these photos. 

Crochet Peplum Top c/o Akira | Crochet Button Down Skirt c/o Akira | White Mule Heels c/o Lola Shoetique (use code: FASHIONMUSE for 20% off)

I received so many questions on this set when I posted a sneak peek of it on my Instagram. It's a airy and light crochet two piece set with a peplum hem that helps bring out the curves. 

I can't wait to reveal all the other posts and the outfits along with them! Thank you for sticking by for 4 years!

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I received an incredible amount of requests to continue my seasonal style diary series, so today I am back with a new one alongside Forever 21. I really wanted to keep my looks in this diary fresh and simple. I broke it down into three looks - ranging from spring whites, to colorful crochets, and even a fun statement weekend getaway look! All looks have been linked down below as always. 

Button Front Midi Dress c/o Forever 21 | Similar Bag Here | Similar Sandals Here ($18!)

Crochet Mini Dress c/o Forever 21 (I'm only 5'1 and the length was pretty long) | Espadrille Platform Sandal c/o Forever 21 

Tropical Parrot Crop Top c/o Forever 21 | Tropical Parrot Skirt c/o Forever 21 |

Until next Style Diary Post....


Beige Midi Button Down Dress c/o Lola Shoetique (under $50!) | Round Straw Bag c/o Lola Shoetique (use code: FASHIONMUSE to receive a discount) |

Photography: Coco Michelle 

I'm so excited that spring is finally here. I had been seeing light and airy looks blossom into stores since earlier in the month (like the one I'm wearing in this post) and it just thrilled me even more because it has been SO ridiculously hot in Miami - you'd think it's already summer....

The trends In spring usually showcase what is to come for the summer, and there is no doubt that straw is going to be everything we see in the next upcoming months. I had been in the search for the perfect rounded straw bag (like the one pictured) for the longest. Not only is It chic, but it's actually very versatile. I dressed it up in this post, but I put it to the versatility test when I took it to the beach with me this weekend. The bag comes with a cross body strand which makes it easy to sling over your shoulder. 

As for the midi dress, that speaks for it self. It's linen, light, and fits like a charm. I wish it came in more colors because this is the type of dress I'll have on repeat all spring and summer long. For a casual look, I'd pair it with some slide on mules or even simple sandals. 

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This past weekend was a memorable one... On Thursday (April 19th) I was recognized with probably one of the hottest and honorable mentions of the moment in the Latino community, a Tecla Award. 

A few months back I had been nominated for the title of "Best Fashion Content Creator" of the year and nonetheless, you can totally say I was super stoked and humbled! 

I knew I wanted to wear a piece that was original and embodied my Latina roots. Besides those two details, I made it a point to wear a local designer/small business owner. I had my reasons for that, but the most important being - support. Support has been the one word within the past three and a half years in my blogging career that has struck me the most. I ultimately started The Fashion Muse very local and as a small business owner, I know how hard it could be. Without the support of SO many individuals, I wouldn't be here. 

Can you believe this entire look was under $100? Even though I did not purposely plan it to be an affordable one, this was the perfect example that you can easily find such elegant unique pieces that don't break the bank. It always comes down to styling and attitude! You can wear a $20 dress on a red-carpet and own it as if it were designer. 

Fringe Jumpsuit c/o Ava Giselle Collection $79 | Red Heels: Lola Shoetique $28 (use code: FASHIONMUSE for 15% off)

Let's get real here; I often walk into these things saying "I may not win, but I won already." I often don't relate to titles or labels, I think a lot of us here work really hard to reach certain goals and dreams (making us winners). With that said, I walked into the award show that night confident but with a site that I may not get this award. Time and time again, I have been so surprised how I have arrived at certain experiences (like this) and wonder how did I even achieve this? Time goes by so fast but, I could still remember almost four years back how I felt so uninspired. 

A huge thank you to everyone who voted, friends, family, loyal followers, and most importantly Hispanicize. I will forever be appreciative of this amazing achievement. I will always be a Latina trying to break and push barriers in such a saturated industry. THANK YOU for naming me best fashion content creator of the year!

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