It's Happening: LA Update 2

It's been a year since my first LA update on here, and if that's not proof that good things take time, I don't know what is. 

Since my last update, I seemed so optimistic that things would occur the way I wanted them to, and it would actually "go as planned". Being optimistic is always a must, however one must always remain realistic..... 

My transition began almost a year ago and now is when I'm actually seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Not only is picking up and leaving from state to state difficult, but figuring out everything that comes along with it is even more challenging. 

As vulnerable and honest as I always am with you all, I will be completely transparent. Within this year, I have saved a ton within my own finances, I have worked harder than before, and have made personal sacrifices to make it all possible. I feel super thankful that 2020 (so far) has brought me to work on amazing campaigns & projects with brands on launches that haven't even occurred yet. Through the pandemic and all, I have not let it keep me down. I mean, where's the beauty if you don't actually work hard for a goal or a dream? 

As far as my physical transition process, I was SUPPOSED to begin in May - but clearly, corona happened & that's okay because everything happens for a reason. 

But, I am so happy I was able to reroute the entire process and I have officially began packing boxes for my new move month, November. A long cross country move lies ahead, but I never thought I'd finally see the day where I started to pack boxes. Keep the faith! 
I will soon be providing a personalized Amazon page where you'll be able to find everything I have been purchasing for my move and my new home. 

Until then, I will keep sharing updates through it all and providing you guys with tips and tricks I learn along the way. 


Loungewear You Currently Need

Hi everyone! As we are all quarantined, but together in spirit... I wanted to link some of my favorite loungewear pieces that I have been wearing around the house (because I mean, what else is there to do?) 
I think these are all great because they are cute enough to keep you out of your PJs the entire day. Even though I'm an avid supporter of that, I do think it's healthy to actually get up and get dressed even if you have no where to go. As most of us are working from home, these are also comfortable alternatives to wear for a long work day from the comfort of your couch or home office space. 

I've linked everything below so it's easy to browse and shop!

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