One Degree Hotter

In the words of Elle Woods, WE DID IT! 

Welcome back to the blog, todays post is meaningful in many ways than usual! I FINALLY graduated college, and as the title of this post states; I'm one degree hotter. It was a very long road to get here, but everything happens for a reason and it's not when you start but when you finish. 


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It's been a six year process, with many if, ands, or buts in between. To be completely transparent here, I always struggled with school and it wasn't something that came as second nature to me. I always had to force my self to always see the brighter side of it. 

I can officially say I am a publicist who majored in not only one but, three areas of communications. I achieved a Bachelor in Arts in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications. It's a 4 year degree, but like I said - it took me 6. During the middle of my college years, my blog and influencer work began to flourish and my attention (most of the time) was prioritized on this. It was really hard for me at times to juggle work commitments and school priorities and make it all work seamlessly. 

I failed: I failed countless classes. This held me back, and it held me back from time. Time was always against me when It came to finishing up college. I felt at times like I couldn't finish and definitely questioned my ability. My family always fueled me away from the negatives. You see, my mind was born a creative. I wanted to live in reality so bad, I wanted to work and be in the field doing what I knew best. I come from a family of professionals, my mother has two degrees and my father holds a very high position in his field of engineering. Yet, here I was - the born creative. "Cookie Cutter" jobs as I like to call them, never inspired me. I never saw myself in anything but in a job that related to media. Funny enough, I began this blog at the start of my college days and it has taught me SO much about the industry it self (there's always miracles in disguise).


You guys have seen me go through major life milestones right here on my platform, so it was important I included this moment and shared it with you all. 

I'm a second generation college graduate (my mother being the first). I just look back at all the sacrifices my grandparents made as immigrants in this country for their children to have better educations and futures. I couldn't just give that all up because of feeling unable or frustrated. 

If there is anything you can take away from this post and my struggle is that you're NEVER too old to achieve anything you want (even if it's finishing up a degree). Education won't buy you a career, but it's knowledge gained no one will ever take away from you.

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