My Road Trip with Toyota

 Being born & raised in Miami, the Cuban culture is inevitable. The aroma coming from my abuela's kitchen and the usual 3pm "cafecito"brings back so many sweet memories of having been raised in a Cuban family. So, today I wanted to share the nostalgic road trip I took alongside Toyota to Key West, FL.

Key West is filled with some of the most iconic spots for the Cuban community in Miami, so I wanted to visit my top three picks in the new 2017 Corolla.

Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC (“Toyota”) provided me with compensation and use of a Corolla for a short period of time. The opinions I have shared about this vehicle are my own.

First stop.....

1. Cuban Coffee Queen

 Early morning road trip stops call for a café con leche at Cuban Coffee Queen.

 2. Southern Most Point to Cuba

Only 90 miles to Cuba.....

3. San Carlos Cuban Museum

A beautiful museum exhibiting some of Cuba's best attributes & real stories straight from Cuban tour guides.

Riding around with the sun roof opened on a breezy day, I can say the Corolla was such a great asset to a fun Cuban inspired road trip.

My favorite part of taking a trip in the Corolla, was how customizable everything in the car was. From the blue trimmed faux leather seats, to the navigation, and the Bluetooth reading my incoming texts to me (which helps prevent texting and driving).

Major thank you the team over at West Kendall Toyota

"Looks Americanita, but feels Cubanita"

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Perfect Never with Reebok

Strappy Dance Bra c/o Reebok | Speedwick Leggings c/o Reebok | Quik Cotton Training Vest c/o Reebok | Hayasu Sneakers c/o Reebok

Photography: Christine Michelle

As women, we often urge to find perfection within our selves and in our daily physical appearance. This society has taught us to focus only on our flaws, and hate them. Today and for some months to come I will be partnering up with Reebok Women and their "Perfect Never" campaign to spread the message that perfection shouldn't always be a goal, but rather focusing to be a stronger and healthier version of our self should be.

As some of you have noticed, within the past months I have grown to be slimmer. Some of you have also asked me questions regarding what I'm doing (as per my daily diet) and how changing up my eating habits has helped me. For today's post, I'd like to share some tips that work for me and since my most recent fitness and lifestyle posts have been some of your favorites, I wanted to post some more!

Keep in mind, these are just tips that have worked for my body and it may not work for everyone. The goal is to always find something that you are comfortable with.

1. I have not stepped foot in a gym in the longest time. I can't remember when was the last time I worked out at a gym on my own. Spending countless hours in the gym isn't the only way to see results.

2. Changing your eating habits is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I decided that I wanted to educate myself and do all the research I could regarding the foods we intake. For a certain amount of time, I was feeling sick to my stomach everyday! I decided I wanted to make a change, and see if that would help my stomach issues - and it sure did!

3. Results don't happen over night, so don't get discouraged. I have slowly been changing to a vegetarian lifestyle and it has definitely taken me some time to get adjusted to everything. I'd day after six months of doing so, I have felt so much better!

4. Embrace your body flaws, and work on them (the healthy way) if those flaws are an insecurity.

You were already created to perfection, never give up striving.

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This post is sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own.


Graphic Tee & Leather Belted Mini

Tshirt: Forever 21 (Similar)  | Leather Mini Skirt: Forever 21 | Distressed Denim Jacket: Forever 21 | Velvet Booties c/o Lola Shoetique (Use Code: MUSE15 for a 15% off any shoe purchase)

Photography: Christine Michelle

Back at it with another band tee.... I have been finding myself buying and constantly wearing tees like this even though I usually wear them as oversized dresses.

In this case, I had to pair it with this belted mini leather skirt.... I couldn't resist! A lot of you asked me certain questions regarding this leather skirt when I posted it on my Instagram for my birthday (view here). One question stood out to me though; how to style leather skirts. I personally thought this was a great topic because I, myself have struggled to find the perfect fitting leather skirt.

With that said, on my body type leather skirts tend to make me look a little square (we all know we wouldn't want to come off looking like Spongebob Square Pants...That's a big no -no). It took me a while and a million leather skirts later to really figure out what worked. I started finding skirts (like the one pictured above) that were belted or had some sort of tie at the waist. Ladies, this is the magic trick to everything.....Cinch the waist! By doing this, you will create the illusion of a smaller waist line, and it can definitely look slimming. I also love going for skirts that have architecture (as the zipper on this skirt shows) and skirts that allow me to tuck my top in it.

As for the shoes, I had to add a kick of my favorite currently trending trend, crushed velvet! I have listed a customized discount code above where you can get 15% off any shoe purchase at Lola Shoetique.

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Ivy Park With Six:02

 A 10 letter word that completely came to mind when I was approached by the team at Six:02 for a fall campaign alongside IVY PARK.

I knew this wasn't just an average fitness line... It's the fitness & lifestyle collection curated by one of the most empowering woman of our generation; Beyoncé. For this collaboration, I really wanted to embrace what the whole Ivy Park line embodied; the everyday body positive & unmasked woman. By unmasked, I mean in her true form (where she feels her most beautiful). It was really refreshing to photograph a more natural looking side of myself meanwhile I openly embraced my body. After all, this is the realistic side....As a blogger I'm not always made up or dressed up.

I have linked all products below alongside Six:02 (which happens to be one of my new favorite fitness & lifestyle brand). I love working with companies like Six:02 that represent and empower woman to take care of themselves and feel their most beautiful.

For the first look out of two in this collaboration, I wanted to showcase three of my favorite pieces of the fall collection. I truly believe every woman needs a set of black workout wear. As for myself, I loved the fact that satin bomber jackets were included into the line. Who said workout wear wasn't trendy?! Bombers are so great for after a workout or even to run errands in! (Hence: you can catch me running errands in a comfy look like this). It's also super useful for those up north who may be starting to embrace the chilly weather. I would totally bring this little bomber along to my workout for pre arrival and post workout to keep warm.


Rooftop location c/o  Pilathon Miami

The fact that Ivy Park is a mixture of lifestyle & fitness, really intrigued me more towards it (you know how much I love versatility!). For the second look, I wanted to channel a more relaxed vibe. It was really hard to choose whether I wanted to include one of these boxy tees or one of the oversized hoodies in the collection. I chose the boxy t-shirt because I love pieces that are sleek and have architecture to them. I simply just styled this tee with a black body suit. I was a ballet dancer for many years, so I also wanted to incorporate some type of ballerina look into it.

On a side note, I wanted to mention a huge thank you to the team at Six:02, Ivy Park, Pilathon Miami (for these amazing city views) and my photographer for these incredible shots. They all trusted my vision for this, and helped me achieve every detail (even if it meant dumping some gallons of water on me to help get the whole wet look- yes this really did occur! Where's the Miami rain when you need it?)


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