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As women, we often urge to find perfection within our selves and in our daily physical appearance. This society has taught us to focus only on our flaws, and hate them. Today and for some months to come I will be partnering up with Reebok Women and their "Perfect Never" campaign to spread the message that perfection shouldn't always be a goal, but rather focusing to be a stronger and healthier version of our self should be.

As some of you have noticed, within the past months I have grown to be slimmer. Some of you have also asked me questions regarding what I'm doing (as per my daily diet) and how changing up my eating habits has helped me. For today's post, I'd like to share some tips that work for me and since my most recent fitness and lifestyle posts have been some of your favorites, I wanted to post some more!

Keep in mind, these are just tips that have worked for my body and it may not work for everyone. The goal is to always find something that you are comfortable with.

1. I have not stepped foot in a gym in the longest time. I can't remember when was the last time I worked out at a gym on my own. Spending countless hours in the gym isn't the only way to see results.

2. Changing your eating habits is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I decided that I wanted to educate myself and do all the research I could regarding the foods we intake. For a certain amount of time, I was feeling sick to my stomach everyday! I decided I wanted to make a change, and see if that would help my stomach issues - and it sure did!

3. Results don't happen over night, so don't get discouraged. I have slowly been changing to a vegetarian lifestyle and it has definitely taken me some time to get adjusted to everything. I'd day after six months of doing so, I have felt so much better!

4. Embrace your body flaws, and work on them (the healthy way) if those flaws are an insecurity.

You were already created to perfection, never give up striving.

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This post is sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own.


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