TOP c/o Monc Boutique | SHORTS c/o Monc Boutique | SUNGLASSES: Vintage Dior
So, if you haven't figured it out by now I am Latina and I love embracing it. When scouting out locations for the week of shooting I had planned, I really wanted to venture out of the box and capture a certain place that not many shed light on, Little Havana! As I walked around, and embraced the Cuban culture on every street corner I reminded myself of how lucky I was to live in such a diverse city such as Miami.
Today's post is short and simple. I brought out my inner "rumbera", and decided to put this little number together from Monc Boutique. Knowing that in recent days, the temperature here in Miami has been almost reaching the hundreds, I wanted to put on a fresh look (I have really considered walking around in a bathing suit). Anyways, I'm In love with off the shoulder tops such as this one, they're so feminine and they really go with just about anything. I've never really been the type to wear flair out shorts or even skirts for that matter because I've always felt like the style didn't fit to my body type. But, when I tried these shorts on I fell in love with the fit and the silky material. You can always go casual with this look, and keep the tropical vibe by pairing some gladiator sandals with it.
Thank you so much for stopping by, and stay tuned because the holiday weekend is just around the corner and I'll be back with a 4th of July look! Xo
Photography: Danielle Margherite



Blue Jean Baby


Crop Top: Forever 21(Similar here) and (Similar here) | Denim Skirt: Forever 21 | Bag: H&M | Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Spot

TGIF! So happy it's Friday, and the weekend is among us. So, I've been on the hunt for a flattering fitting denim skirt, and I FINALLY came across one that suited me & my needs (yes, I do have needs when It comes to clothes!) Anyways, denim skirts haven't been a "thing" since like the 90's! When searching for the right denim skirt there's a few details to take into mind: the fit, the amount of distress, and the length. The length was one details I was really picky about. I'm 5'1, so I didn't want the length to be too lengthy nor too short for my frame.
They're many ways of styling denim skirts, they are so versatile.  With that said, I know denim skirts will be one of favorite my go-to staples for the summer. And, has anyone noticed the huge linen trend for the season? I find it so suiting, especially here in Miami where the hot flashes don't stop. That's why this little linen crop top was the top priority to style with my blue jean bottoms.

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading. Until next post, Xo.

Photography: Danielle Margherite

Hair Talk

260g "Honey Clouds" extensions c/o Luxury for Princess

Welcome back to the blog, sorry for the mini hiatus... It's been so busy lately! But, I'm here and ready to talk about one of my favorite subjects ever, hair!

Now, we all have those really bad hair days, or the days where you just feel like doing nothing to the mane. But if you're like me, I recently chopped off my hair into a LOB and I easily get bored of my look (even though I really do love my short locks). So with that said, I'm sure that you all have seen me switch up my hair from short to long, and vise versa and I'm ready to chat with you about the process and all my tricks to achieving the very versatile look with extensions!

For starters, it's really hard at the beginning to know how to blend the extensions in with short hair, especially if you have a really blunt hair cut like I do. It's just a matter of practice and learning how to play around with the extension.

Personally, I always wear clip on extensions just because they're so manageable. Also, I really recommend finding extensions that are made of 100% real Remy hair; those are the best kind because they are heat resistant without having to cause them damage. Thanks to Luxury for Princess, I'm obsessed with this set. (Disclaimer) I really do have a drawer just for extensions, and its full of different kinds and lengths. When receiving your extension set, they will be made up of 7 pieces:
2 : 9" wide with 4 clips
3 : 6" wide with 3 clips
2 : 4" wide with 2 clips

But anyways, see below for my full step-by-step extension application process!

Side Note: ** I like to use my extensions curled, because it creates a more natural look. I curl the extensions before applying **


Step 1: I always part my hair into sections, in order to correctly apply the extension piece.

Step 2: Apply your first set of extension that contains 4 clips. Make sure to secure the clip into the hair. (You don't want to worry about your extensions falling off randomly- It's happened #noshame)

Step 3: Let down another section of hair. I recommend to leave a good chunk of hair in between so the clips aren't visible. Repeat step 2 with your second piece of 4 clips.

Step 4: Go ahead and let down another section of hair. With this step, you're going to add in the first 3 clip piece to the left side of your head, and use the second piece of the 3 clip piece to add to the right side. You should be left with one 3 piece extension.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 and add in the last 3 piece extension piece right to the middle. Once added, pick up the two 2 clip extension pieces and add one to the left side and right side accordingly.

Step 6: Let down your last section of hair. Blend in and brush out. Double check and make sure that there is no visible clip showing. After brushing it out, I like going back with my Hot Tools (1 inch barrel) and making sure everything is set how I want it.

I really hope you enjoyed todays beauty post! I'll be back later this week with some great outfit posts, stay tuned. Until then, thanks for stopping by! Xo


A Sense Staycation #TFMTakeover

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to takeover one of the trendiest spots on South Beach, The Sense Beach House. Danielle (blog photographer) and I had a girls weekend staycation where we took over the hotels social media outlets and our own. It was so fun to get away for a little bit, and the best part being that we were in our own city (even though it didn't feel like it) that's one of the benefits of a "staycation". Over the 3 days of our takeover, we discovered and enjoyed the hotels amenities and the hidden gems in the surrounding area, while Danielle captured every moment perfectly. See below for a recap of the weekend, including every outfit detail!

Day 1:
Check in at the Sense. From the moment you step foot in the boutique style hotel you instantly feel right at home. The décor is just as cozy as any South Beach loft would be.

Top & Bottom: She In (On Sale!) | Fringe Heels c/o Necessary Clothing | Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Spot

Day 2:
It was somewhat gloomy all weekend, but on the second day the sun was out. So when we woke up, hanging out by the pool seemed like the right thing to do. The pool at the Sense Beach House is one of my favorites because it's on the roof top overlooking South Beach & Downtown Miami.

Swimsuit c/o Andrea Iyamah | Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Spot

After spending sometime by the pool, we decided to go out into the surrounding area and see what there was to discover. Since the hotel is right on Ocean Drive, the beach is just a skip away. I came across these Citi Bikes that were stationed at the entrance of the beach, and I gave them a try! Everyone on South Beach was literally on one of these. If you don't know about the Citi Bikes, they are sponsored by Citi Bank, where they have set up stations all around Miami for exclusive all day bike rentals. These aren't just any ordinary bikes, they are equipped with everything you may need on a bike! Thanks to Citi Bank, taking a bike ride is now easy and enjoyable.

"Vive Tu Vida" top c/o Le Motto | Shorts: Forever 21 (Similar) | Sandals:Mango | Panama Hat: Nordstrom | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Spot (Similar)

Day 3:
On the last day of my stay, I decided to go right down and try the most talked about brunch in Miami at The Local House. Luckily, The Sense Beach House is the home of this chic restaurant so, grabbing brunch was never easier. I can now see why this brunch is so raved about! Its delicious. If you stop by, make sure to try the banana pancakes (to die for) and pair it up with a mimosa. Not only does The Local House serve brunch, but its also one of the top spots for lunch & dinner.


Skivvy: Forever 21 | Midi Skirt c/o Pree Brulee | Bracelets c/o Alex & Ani (The Fashion Muse is a Alex & Ani ambassador now!) | Headpiece: Forever 21

I wanted to thank the whole staff at The Sense Beach House for organizing this weekend for my photographer and I! It was a great experience taking over the hotels social media channels and letting you all into the fun with us on our own personal platform.

For more information on the hotel & its amenities visit:

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading! Until next post, Xo.

Photography: Danielle Margherite

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