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260g "Honey Clouds" extensions c/o Luxury for Princess

Welcome back to the blog, sorry for the mini hiatus... It's been so busy lately! But, I'm here and ready to talk about one of my favorite subjects ever, hair!

Now, we all have those really bad hair days, or the days where you just feel like doing nothing to the mane. But if you're like me, I recently chopped off my hair into a LOB and I easily get bored of my look (even though I really do love my short locks). So with that said, I'm sure that you all have seen me switch up my hair from short to long, and vise versa and I'm ready to chat with you about the process and all my tricks to achieving the very versatile look with extensions!

For starters, it's really hard at the beginning to know how to blend the extensions in with short hair, especially if you have a really blunt hair cut like I do. It's just a matter of practice and learning how to play around with the extension.

Personally, I always wear clip on extensions just because they're so manageable. Also, I really recommend finding extensions that are made of 100% real Remy hair; those are the best kind because they are heat resistant without having to cause them damage. Thanks to Luxury for Princess, I'm obsessed with this set. (Disclaimer) I really do have a drawer just for extensions, and its full of different kinds and lengths. When receiving your extension set, they will be made up of 7 pieces:
2 : 9" wide with 4 clips
3 : 6" wide with 3 clips
2 : 4" wide with 2 clips

But anyways, see below for my full step-by-step extension application process!

Side Note: ** I like to use my extensions curled, because it creates a more natural look. I curl the extensions before applying **


Step 1: I always part my hair into sections, in order to correctly apply the extension piece.

Step 2: Apply your first set of extension that contains 4 clips. Make sure to secure the clip into the hair. (You don't want to worry about your extensions falling off randomly- It's happened #noshame)

Step 3: Let down another section of hair. I recommend to leave a good chunk of hair in between so the clips aren't visible. Repeat step 2 with your second piece of 4 clips.

Step 4: Go ahead and let down another section of hair. With this step, you're going to add in the first 3 clip piece to the left side of your head, and use the second piece of the 3 clip piece to add to the right side. You should be left with one 3 piece extension.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 and add in the last 3 piece extension piece right to the middle. Once added, pick up the two 2 clip extension pieces and add one to the left side and right side accordingly.

Step 6: Let down your last section of hair. Blend in and brush out. Double check and make sure that there is no visible clip showing. After brushing it out, I like going back with my Hot Tools (1 inch barrel) and making sure everything is set how I want it.

I really hope you enjoyed todays beauty post! I'll be back later this week with some great outfit posts, stay tuned. Until then, thanks for stopping by! Xo


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