My daily foundation routine with Clinique


Photography: Christine Michelle

I get many questions regarding my daily foundation routine. I have partnered up with Clinique to show you exactly what my routine consists of, ALL in which revolves around the Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder. Every women can definitely agree on the challenges of finding the perfect pressed powder that offers the right amount of coverage without the heavy built up feeling especially during these humid summer months. Fun fact: I always use these Clinique products on the everyday. So, getting to collaborate with one of my favorite makeup brands is so exciting.

All products used & shown will be listed on the above product bar linked directly to the site.  Let's get started!

For starters, I ALWAYS moisturize my face. This is religious for me....I believe it's very important to keep the face hydrated before applying your face makeup. I have tried tons of moisturizers, and this is honestly the one I always refer back to. It's amazing.

After my moisturizer, I go ahead and apply my primer. Many people ask what the primer is exactly for, the primer is a base for your foundation. Not only, will it reflect the true shade of the foundation, but it will help it last longer throughout the day. I really like Clinique's "Super Primer" because it's light and cream based.

Next, I move onto foundation. I cannot express enough my love for the "Chubby In The Nude" foundation stick. I first heard of this foundation by another beauty blogger who always raved about it, so I decided to give it a try. Not only is this foundation affordable, easy to apply, and leaves your skin gleaming...It ACTUALLY lasts about 8-9 hours. Living in Miami, the humidity always ruins my foundation (it melts off by the middle of the day). So, having a long lasting foundation is a must in my book. I also always look at the tint in the foundations, and for my skin specifically a yellow undertone is what works. Gladly, this foundation comes in 10 different shades. (P.S) I blend this foundation in with a stippling brush & always blending in circular motions.

After my foundation is applied, I move onto concealer. This was my first time trying this specific concealer, and it's honestly worth the hype! It's full coverage and it doesn't crease, which are two main components I look for in a good concealer. If you notice, I always apply my concealer in a downward motion. It makes it easier when blending it out, and it also doesn't mess up the foundation underneath.

Now onto the hero of it all.....After everything is ready and set in place, I softly pat on the "Stay Matte" powder all over. When it comes to setting my face makeup, I'm never a huge fan of matte but this powder specifically is magical! The formula that makes up this gem is oil absorbing meanwhile it has an ultra sheer texture. It keeps the dewy finish on my skin, but it mainly controls the oils, maintains my skin looking fresh and comfortable for hours.

Also, for the days where I don't really feel like wearing much makeup, this pressed powder is all I will wear. I carry this bad boy in my purse everywhere for mid day touch ups and especially for those beach days where makeup isn't an essential. This product can be applied for a lighter coverage but still maintain the benefits of keeping me oil free through out the hot day! 

I really hope this was somewhat helpful! I really adore prepping beauty post, they're always so fun to create.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Clinique and Latina Bloggers Connect.  The opinions and text are all mine.
This post was sponsored by Clinique. All opinions are my own


Actually She Can

Tee: c/o Le Motto | Distressed jeans: The Boutique (Similar Here) | Backpack c/o Kipling | Sunglasses c/o SunglassUp

Photography: Christine Michelle

I've partnered up for a very special campaign called #actuallyshecan along side Allergan & Le Motto. When I was firstly asked to take part in this project I immediately said yes. Why? Because if you have been a long time follower of my blog you'd know that I am ALL for woman empowerment.

This campaign aims to shape what female empowerment looks like in todays society as millennials. I have always truly believed that as millennial woman in todays rapidly changing society that we can make a difference and inspire others. Not only can we make changes & moves in the current moment, but for moments that lie ahead for the future women of the world.

To me, there is nothing greater than women celebrating other women in their achievements and goals. Sadly, we live in a society where it's rare that we find this kind of support system in between ladies (and even guys). There's always some sort of criticism, competition, or just plain catty envy that comes into play from both sides. I have recent personal experiences where my role as a woman was not respected or taken into account by a guy (and even other girls) and I partly blame our generation of women for that. There is rarely no longer the set example of what every woman should aspire to be in this world. Ladies, don't let your values decrease because of what the world thinks is right and over any one else's opinions. Thank to Le Motto, they have created a limited edition series of #ActuallySheCan Tanks featuring empowering personal mottos such as the one I chose to wear in this post where you can lead an army of women by example.

A major portion of the proceeds collected by the sales of these shirts will be donated to the Academy of Women which happens to be a global  leadership and professional development organization. This organization works in providing award-winning eMentor Program Services, world-class events, and extensive networking and development opportunities to every kind of woman.

As a blogger, I am fortunate enough to have a platform where I can share amazing empowering campaigns such as this one with you all. There is nothing more beautiful than a girl boss supporting another girl boss. If interested in learning more about this project and/or purchasing a motto tank, I have linked all the info above in my outfit details!

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Adidas Sporty


Top: Adidas Rita Ora Collection (Not Available) (I love this one & this one) | Denim Distressed Shorts: Forever 21 | Sneakers: Adidas Super Stars

Photography: Christine Michelle

Today's post is short and sporty....

If you follow along with me on my snapchat often you may be familiar with this floral Adidas jersey. Right after I posted a selfie with this look, I got so many questions & comments regarding it! So, I listened to all of you and decided to shoot it for the blog. I actually found this jersey on mega sale at their Adidas outlet. More often than usual, this is what my everyday attire has been consisting of. For starters, I'm really into this whole "athleisure" trend happening right now.

Looking to step up your athletic game? See below some of my top tips on how to rock the heck out of this trend:

If you're scared this whole sporty thing isn't for you, it's okay...I've got you covered.

Mix & Match:
I love mixing in prints with each other. I think it really makes the look more fun and drags it away from looking too sporty. Always aim for athletic with a kick of chic.

Swap those heels for sneakers (sometimes):
Trust me, it was a jump for me to ditch the heels and swap them for a pair of fresh kicks. But honestly, there's nothing more comfortable and easy than throwing on some sneakers when you're in a hurry or even when you're wearing a cute dress but you want to mix some sport into it.

Don't forget about your own style:
I've never been the "sporty" spice type, but when I do decide to style it all up together, I ALWAYS add my flair to it. It's always important to incorporate your signature style to it.

Keep it clean:
If you plan on wearing a jersey (like I did above) then, pairing it with some simple bottoms would be key. But that's all to your preference. I just like keeping my look simple, especially if I want my main focus of attention being my top. The key to athleisure: KEEP IT SIMPLE

Have fun with it, and always incorporate your own style to it!

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Roses Romper + Tips to shopping off low costing sites

Romper c/o Romwe ($19!) | Denim Heels: Shoe Dazzle

Photography: Christine Michelle

Anything with an incorporated choker immediately catches my eye, like this little romper. I spotted this on Romwe, and loved every detail of it and of course it was game over. Also, the waist tie definitely gives the illusion of a smaller waist line (just a little trick).

So when I originally started planning out this post, I really had in mind on sharing some tips to this popular trend regarding a specific type of online store; stores like Romwe & SheIn (+ there's many others..) just because of ALL the bad experiences & reviews people have had. With those not familiar and have no idea what I am talking about, I'll give you a quick little recap. These retailers are (usually) Chinese based where they market the items at an extremely low cost (For example: prices even going as low as $20 for a super formal dress that would originally retail at $100+ at a department store.) So with that said, that definitely attracts BUT scares the customer interested in purchasing items.
The worst feeling is knowing you purchased an item off one of these retailers and receiving something completely different than what the photo or description stated (even the material would be disposable looking) and receiving the item you purchased could mean getting it about a month later.....

From honest experiences of succeeding but also (some tragic) buys off these type of sites, I can say there's very few I actually trust (Romwe being one of them). This is the first time I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Romwe for an outfit post (as seen above), but I have personally purchased items in the past (without any type of sponsorship) and I have been satisfied! Quick shipping, quality being true to description, and item being exactly what I had ordered....It's all a risky hit or miss! But, here on the blog I have and will always share with you guys my upmost honest opinions but at the end of the day, individuals will have their own set of experiences and reviews on sites like these.


Don't get too complicated:
Keep it simple, don't go too crazy in ordering something that you would feel like they would need adjustments (most of the time, it probably will!)

Be realistic:
You can't expect that the high end looking dress advertised in the photo off the desctiption will be identical to what you will receive. You can never play down a designer ($800+) dress to a $15 price point. There's a reason for everything.....

Read all reviews & product info:
Before putting the item in your cart, read what others have said regarding the product (chances are they have already received the product and may have some helpful info for you) Also, the sizing charts are EVERYTHING. Guide your self by that. Their version of a size "small" may not exactly be what you think.

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Summer With Clinique

Coordinate Set c/o Reveal Boutique | Clinique: "Lip Pop" Collection | Popsicles c/o Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit. Co

Photography: Christine Michelle

Summer has arrived, and so has Clinique's latest (makeup) inspired food truck. Yep, you read that right......Every makeup junkie's (like myself) dream come true. Four wheels filled with the brands newly launched lip collection, a preview of some upcoming products for the summer season, and popsicles inspired by it all!

When the team over at Clinique reached out to me regarding the idea, I automatically loved it! Not only was this fabulous truck traveling around my own city, but I was going to get to cover it all for you (my readers) & also pass along the invite. A huge thank you to those who came out & to Miami International Mall for hosting, it was awesome meeting everyone personally (even though it was so rainy & gloomy!)

Clinique is by far one of the best cosmetics brands for many reasons, but one being the ingredients used are so beneficial for your skin. The newly launched "Lip Pop" collection is one of my favorites for the summer. The weightless formula of the lipsticks leaves an 8 hour moisture to your lips, but also primes them at the same time.....Say bye to those drying lipsticks! The collections is made up of mattes, glosses, & demi-mattes (which are a mix of a matte lipsticks with a bit of hydration added to them)

As for what I wore, I essentially wanted to go along with the whole summer theme and wear this happy yellow number from Reveal Boutique. Like I have said in the past, I've never been a fan of the color but for the summer, it just seems like this baby yellow is the hue to have!

All products to the collection and to what I wore have been linked above. Thanks for stopping by

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