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Top: Adidas Rita Ora Collection (Not Available) (I love this one & this one) | Denim Distressed Shorts: Forever 21 | Sneakers: Adidas Super Stars

Photography: Christine Michelle

Today's post is short and sporty....

If you follow along with me on my snapchat often you may be familiar with this floral Adidas jersey. Right after I posted a selfie with this look, I got so many questions & comments regarding it! So, I listened to all of you and decided to shoot it for the blog. I actually found this jersey on mega sale at their Adidas outlet. More often than usual, this is what my everyday attire has been consisting of. For starters, I'm really into this whole "athleisure" trend happening right now.

Looking to step up your athletic game? See below some of my top tips on how to rock the heck out of this trend:

If you're scared this whole sporty thing isn't for you, it's okay...I've got you covered.

Mix & Match:
I love mixing in prints with each other. I think it really makes the look more fun and drags it away from looking too sporty. Always aim for athletic with a kick of chic.

Swap those heels for sneakers (sometimes):
Trust me, it was a jump for me to ditch the heels and swap them for a pair of fresh kicks. But honestly, there's nothing more comfortable and easy than throwing on some sneakers when you're in a hurry or even when you're wearing a cute dress but you want to mix some sport into it.

Don't forget about your own style:
I've never been the "sporty" spice type, but when I do decide to style it all up together, I ALWAYS add my flair to it. It's always important to incorporate your signature style to it.

Keep it clean:
If you plan on wearing a jersey (like I did above) then, pairing it with some simple bottoms would be key. But that's all to your preference. I just like keeping my look simple, especially if I want my main focus of attention being my top. The key to athleisure: KEEP IT SIMPLE

Have fun with it, and always incorporate your own style to it!

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