Roses Romper + Tips to shopping off low costing sites

Romper c/o Romwe ($19!) | Denim Heels: Shoe Dazzle

Photography: Christine Michelle

Anything with an incorporated choker immediately catches my eye, like this little romper. I spotted this on Romwe, and loved every detail of it and of course it was game over. Also, the waist tie definitely gives the illusion of a smaller waist line (just a little trick).

So when I originally started planning out this post, I really had in mind on sharing some tips to this popular trend regarding a specific type of online store; stores like Romwe & SheIn (+ there's many others..) just because of ALL the bad experiences & reviews people have had. With those not familiar and have no idea what I am talking about, I'll give you a quick little recap. These retailers are (usually) Chinese based where they market the items at an extremely low cost (For example: prices even going as low as $20 for a super formal dress that would originally retail at $100+ at a department store.) So with that said, that definitely attracts BUT scares the customer interested in purchasing items.
The worst feeling is knowing you purchased an item off one of these retailers and receiving something completely different than what the photo or description stated (even the material would be disposable looking) and receiving the item you purchased could mean getting it about a month later.....

From honest experiences of succeeding but also (some tragic) buys off these type of sites, I can say there's very few I actually trust (Romwe being one of them). This is the first time I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Romwe for an outfit post (as seen above), but I have personally purchased items in the past (without any type of sponsorship) and I have been satisfied! Quick shipping, quality being true to description, and item being exactly what I had ordered....It's all a risky hit or miss! But, here on the blog I have and will always share with you guys my upmost honest opinions but at the end of the day, individuals will have their own set of experiences and reviews on sites like these.


Don't get too complicated:
Keep it simple, don't go too crazy in ordering something that you would feel like they would need adjustments (most of the time, it probably will!)

Be realistic:
You can't expect that the high end looking dress advertised in the photo off the desctiption will be identical to what you will receive. You can never play down a designer ($800+) dress to a $15 price point. There's a reason for everything.....

Read all reviews & product info:
Before putting the item in your cart, read what others have said regarding the product (chances are they have already received the product and may have some helpful info for you) Also, the sizing charts are EVERYTHING. Guide your self by that. Their version of a size "small" may not exactly be what you think.

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