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Photography: Danielle Margherite
Top: Agaci (Similar here) | Denim: Forever 21 | Shoes: H&M (Similar here) | Backpack: Forever 21
Back to school is finally among us. Whether you are just starting high school, or finishing up college it's always rough to go back after a relaxing summer. I always get asked if I'm currently in school and if so, what I'm majoring in. Since today we are talking about this back to school look, I thought it would be perfect to share my education journey!  I'm currently in the university, and majoring in a communications degree, specifically Public Relations. I've always had a clear idea of what I wanted a degree in even all throughout high school. Even though my first major was broadcast journalism, I quickly realized that wasn't something I loved & didn't feel stable in. So I switched right over to PR and I knew it was THE industry I belonged in.

Anyways, this is exactly what I wore on my first day back on campus. It was a rainy day, so I wanted to go comfortable but somehow still look composed through all the stress that the first day brings! Ripped denim has always been my favorite type of denim style, but this season if you do not own a grey pair of jeans, you're missing out. Not only is ripped denim still in trend, but specifically the distressed at the knees type. Grey jeans are an essential staple for the upcoming season. I've learned that comfort is key when on campus, especially if you have a lot of walking to do in between classes. Loose comfy shirts and slip on sneakers are a must for me this semester. A statement back pack as the one seen above, can really take a simple school look to a more chic one. Statements bags are the game changers!

The future hold so much for those who run with their dreams & all opportunities given. I hope everyone had a great first day, and from me to you, good luck on the school year and on this semester!

(p.s) See below for my back to school picks, and what I will be using in class this semester all under $100!
 Until next post, Xo
Back To School




Shades of Grey




Photography: Danielle Margherite
Midi Dress: via TjMaxx (Similar Here) | Sandals: Mango/ Sold Out but, (I love these) | Necklace c/o Alex & Ani | Bag: Forever 21
Happy Thursday! It's been such a crazy week, and now with the news of Hurricane Erika coming straight to Miami, everything just got 10 x crazier. I really wanted to have this look posted before the storm hit (just in case).
In Miami, when its raining the humidity just increases by a ton and there's nothing harder than picking out and outfit on Friday night or weekend outfit when it's raining outside. As a girl with Latin curves, I've already come to the conclusion that midi dresses totally flatters & elongates the body, and this material....I LOVE IT. The ribbed texture is everywhere now, and it's versatile enough to dress up or down. For accessories, I kept everything with the metallic feel and I was so happy I got to partner up with Alex & Ani for this look. When I first spotted this necklace I was surprised because It really didn't look like their typical pieces, so I was immediately drawn in.
My Miamians stay safe during this storm, and thank you all for stopping by! I will have my back to school picks up by next week.
Until next post, Xo.


Photography: Danielle Margherite
Mini Dress: The Boutique *Sold Out* (Similar here) & I love (this) one too| Camo Jacket: Forever 21 | Glasses c/o Sunglass Spot *Sold Out* (Similar here)
And it's Monday again....Luckily I was able to get this post up today, since it has been a hectic past week. It was beyond hot shooting this look since it's about 100 degrees here in Miami. But, fall transitioning is already happening (so crazy to believe) and I've been slowly but surely switching my gear over to fall fashion. Anyways, if you haven't noticed, MAJOR TREND ALERT: olive will no doubt be the color that takes over the fall / winter season as it is everywhere and anywhere when it comes to the go to color.
I recently picked up this mini body con dress from one of my favorite local boutiques, and even though it was nice enough to leave the look how it was, I just thought there was something missing. Since camo is a re-occurring trend, I really wanted to edge things up and throw this little bad boy into the mix. I'm a big fan of versatile details, and this camo jacket is chic but could also be worn as a shirt.
Good luck to everyone who went back to school today, and may your dreams always lead you to your future! I will have an upcoming back to school look, so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, thank you for stopping by & reading.
Until next post, Xo.

Brow Chat


It's certain that I am an open beauty addict and other than being OCD about my hair, brows second my picky obsession. Brows are the frame to your face, and there is certainly nothing like a well defined brow. I'm so happy to bring this collaboration alongside Miami's top eyebrow expert, Mayra Artze Mata of Mayra's Art Beauty.
A little background story, Mayra has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years and has quickly taken over the eyebrow scene. With an expanding business & staff, Mayra enjoys the reward of seeing her clients feel their best after a brow makeover. I was really excited to meet up with my so called eyebrow fairy god mother to bring you this one on one session.
To begin with, I naturally have bushy caveman like eyebrows (thanks dad) and over the years I've had my fair share of bad eyebrow experiences. Just like most of us women, those types of experiences are never necessarily great. Before meeting up with Mayra, I had let my eye brows grow out for about 2 whole months (I know, that's like 2 whole years in brow time.....). It was difficult but with a little concealer & powder you can go a long way, and that's exactly what I did to wait the time out. Those 2 months were well worth the wait! As soon as the brow guru took over, I knew my brows were in good hands.
Things to know about the brow service:
  • Every brow appointment is set on a 30 min window. Mayra takes 30 min with each of her clients to insure brow perfection
  • The service costs $35; which includes a brow shaping session, wax, and touch up
  • Prior to your eyebrow session, you should allow your brows to grow out for a full 2 weeks
  • She will first take a before picture of your brows, and will take an after picture as well.

Before & After
Over the years I've gotten asked whether I tattoo, or apply a growth eye brow serum to my brows, or if I fill in my brows to the max, the answer is no. I've always just been really consistent with my brow appointment's, and it could really make a difference! I wanted to share some of my eye brow tips, along side Mayra's Do's & Dont's

  • DON'T over pluck. I know the tweezer does have the power to tempt, but don't over do it.
  • Let them grow, it'll be torture but it's worth it! I really recommend the concealer & powder trick I mentioned above
  • Fill them in, but don't fill them up. I always use my Anastasia Brow Dip Pomade to fill in any visible spots, but the worst thing I've ever seen are brows that look like they have been stenciled in with a crayon. Major no go.
  • If you are sensitive to the wax (like I am), it's always preferred to let your brow technician know. There should always be a sensitive skin alternative 
  • If you get rashes & red after a brow service, applying Aloe Vera is the trick!
If you plan to book a appointment with Mayra: Please book in advanced (here)
You can visit her at:
Manny's Butterfly Beauty Salon
4100 Salzedo Street #16  Coral Gables, FL 33134
Wednesdays and Fridays only from 12:30PM  - 6:30PM
Christie Pea Nail Spa Beautique
10037 Sunset Drive Miami, FL 33173
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30PM - 6:30PM

I hope this beauty post was helpful to you, and thank you for reading! Until next post, Xo.

Photography: MGTorres// Danielle Margherite

Supernova Girl


Tee c/o Social Decay | Shorts: Forever 21 (Similar) | Sneakers c/o Zooshoo (Sam Edelman) & I love (these) too | Choker c/o Goth Gurl 
  Obviously I'm a 90's baby, and there's no denying the fact that the ever so famous grunge trend has made its way into the top trending looks within the past year. When I came across this Social Decay tee, it just screamed Charmed (the tv show) to me or even Zenon of the 21rst century. I decided to make this into a casual & comfy look since those are always the best kind to have especially if you're just hanging around or maybe even running errands. Thanks to Zooshoo, I was able to find these adorable Sam Edelman sneakers! I'm not a big sneaker girl, but sometimes they're the easiest and most convenient when you're on the run (a simple sneaker with some detail like the metallic on these, can really make a difference!).
I spent the longest time in search for the perfect tattoo choker and the majority of them just seemed cheap & cheesy, until I found Goth Gurl Shop. If you're looking for the perfect 90's inspired accessories, Goth Gurl will transport you back to the Spice Girl days.
Thanks for stopping by, and until next post Xo 
Photography: Danielle Margherite




Biossance: Product Review

c/o Biossance (Available Here)
I often get asked if I have a usual night time skin care routine before getting into bed, and my answer is always YES! I am a strong believer in taking care of my skin in every way possible. After all, it is the only canvas we have for the rest of our lives so might as well treat it right! Ever since the age of 15 I have strongly consisted in doing all kind of things to make my skin better. I could credit my mother for always instilling this mindset on me, I mean c'mon she taught me the value of anti aging creams at an early age!
So, in this beauty post I wanted to shed light on this amazing product I recently received and I have added it into my nighttime routine. Biossance is solely plant derived. I've known about the making of this product for a while and I was super excited for its launch! Biossance takes the place of a normal moisturizer, except in liquid form. It's designed to restore the natural Sqaualine moisture found within your body that can diminish as early as your 20's! This will literally leave your skin with full on hydration and a endless silky smooth finish. Oh and did I mention it's also affordable?!
This product is:
  • Paraben Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
and many more great qualities.....
I apply 2-3 pumps of this product right before getting into the shower and after all my makeup has been wiped away. I really like applying it all over my face before stepping into the shower, just because the steam of the water will help absorb the product into the pores. I cannot live without my daily skin routine, and Biossance has helped me restore and give me that healthy looking skin we all urge for!
"Beauty is in our biology"
Until next post, Xo

Red Roses, Blue Violets

 Top: Keep Sake The Label (Sold Out in most stores) (Similar Here) | Shorts: Keep Sake The Label (Sold Out in most stores) (Similar Here)| Shoes: Zara (Sold Out) (But, I recommend these)
I'm a tried & true type of girl when it comes to the color red. Red signifies energy, strength, passion, and most importantly, love. Being at the ripe age of 21 (almost 22) I feel all those qualities at this moment in time. As you may or may not know, I wore this same exact outfit to meet & dine with one of my ultimate blogger inspirations, Dulce Candy. Over dinner we spoke amongst life, and she shared some of her most covenant advices. Her main advice? To find passion, embrace fear, and most importantly create success on YOUR own terms. After all, that is the sub-title of her newly released book. It's very important as not only a blogger, but an everyday person that you take those words into consideration and think about embracing every moment without fear, and with 100% passion to what goals you may be working to reach and even towards any current situation you may be in.
Other than fan girling a bit because she stated she really wanted to see this whole look shot for the blog, so did I! I made sure to capture this bold two piece set. I know I'm a little behind on this, but I'm seriously obsessed with the Australian brand Keep Sake The Label. I seriously need everything in all of their collections, and although this same outfit is sold out by the brand it self, I have found it & linked it about to another store that carries it.

Thank you for stopping by & until next post!


Photography: Danielle Margherite
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