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My mornings usually start at 7:30 am and go on until late and so my skin has to be ready for what the day may hold. I get many questions regarding my skin care routine, specifically my morning one. Today, I teamed up with Clinique & Latina Bloggers Connect once more for a detailed look at what taking care of my skin in the mornings looks like.

Since I was 15 years old, my mother always taught me the importance of skincare and the early benefits of doing so. Like many of us, we are usually on the run and may not have the luxury to spend hours or tons of money on our skin. With that said, I wanted to find the perfectly fitted products for my type of skin which included no more than 4 items. Clinique offers a skin diagnostic on their site in which anyone can visit and take. Upon answering a group of questions regarding your skin type, the environment you live in, and even how many hours of sleep you get a day, the products best fitted for you are recommended within seconds. See below the steps I take every morning to perfect my skin.

Step 1:
As soon I wake up (and drink my morning coffee) I head to wash my face with the liquid facial soap. This soap is great for those who have a combination oily & dry skin, such as myself. I use this twice daily, morning and evening. I like to start my mornings with this, because it really does leave my skin feeling refreshed.

Step 2:
After my face is fully washed, I apply the revitalizing instant facial. This step isn’t necessary, but if I do have the extra time in the morning I will go ahead and apply this. This product is pretty much a full facial in bottle form. I like to apply it with a foundation brush on my T-Zone (or wherever you think your skin may need it). Within minutes, It leaves your skin vibrant and energized (It also deep cleans).

Step 3:
This is definitely a step a lot of us tend to skip, but I really didn’t notice the importance of this until I visited my dermatologist. Applying a clarifying lotion to your face such as this one, takes away the flakiness of the skin and the oils that usually lead us to breaking out. This is always the pre step I take before hydrating. To apply, I always take a cotton ball and squeeze some product onto it. When applying, I like to dab it into the skin instead of swiping it all over. This really helps the skin absorb the product fully.

Step 4:
After my skin is prep for hydration, I immediately apply the dramtically different moisturizing gel. This oil free formula works in smoothing and softening the texture of your skin while giving it the hydration it needs. I apply about two pumps of this product twice a day daily.

In four easy steps, my morning skin care routine is done! I’m now ready to take on a beautiful day ahead.
I have linked all exact products used above, but just remember that everyone’s skin differs and what may work for me may not work for you. I really encourage those who are just starting to explore skincare, to take the skin diagnostic, it’s the best!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Clinique and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.



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