Fall Trends To Try If You Live In A Hot Climate

How can one even be "in season" and "on trend" this fall season if you live in 90' degree weather all year round? If you're a babe that likes to stay on top of the trend (much like myself) but you live in a city where it's nearly impossible to step outside without breaking a sweat or humidity making its mark on you - this is for you.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, this is something I struggled with (I think I still do sometimes, ngl). So, I wanted to share some on trend pieces for this fall I love to wear and style accordingly to the climate.

*Honest Disclaimer: I sometimes fake it till I make it, and totally ignore the fact that it's literally summer everyday in Miami and suffer inside for the love of fashion. That's always an option*

Bisous Sweater: H&M | Plaid Mini Skirt: (Sold Out, but I linked a similar one here) H&M | Teddy Bucket Hat: H&M

To deal with the heat, I like to balance out my look. If I decide to go for a sweater top, cardigan, or a long sleeve top, I like to often style it with a lighter bottom. You can never go wrong with a plaid mini skirt for fall to even out the entire look and save you from melting entirely. 

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