Mixing High End With Fast Fashion

Tiger Print Dress c/o Forever 21 | Lace Up Heels c/o Forever 21 | Gucci Belt 

One of my all time favorite things to do when it comes to styling anything is the art of mixing high end items with affordable ones and making fast fashion seem top luxury.

I mean, who's ever going to know that you are wearing a $20 dollar dress? Taking something affordable and styling it like you broke the bank is the trick (and some confidence too never hurt). However, I do love remixing items to spice things up as seen here on today's post. 

I made one of my very first high end purchases (on my own - your girl has been working hard) over the holidays. I knew that I wanted my purchase to be a versatile piece I can use with many different items if I was going to splurge. With that being said, I went straight for the Gucci belt. I had been eyeing this belt for some time, but it was the right moment to finally buy it. 

Last I checked, there was no rule where you couldn't pair an expensive item with an affordable one. I mean, that's why we have fast fashion (trendy, budget friendly, and quick) stores like Forever 21, Zara, etc...And, it's totally okay if you're not in the market to splurge because you can still look bougie on a budget - It's all about styling. 




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