3 Years with The Fashion Muse

1,2,3! Just like that, three years have passed by, and today we are celebrating three years of The Fashion Muse. To me, it's much more than a blog anniversary, it signifies three years of accomplishments, ups + downs, and most importantly three years of working to make my dreams reality.

For this special edition anniversary post, I selected three looks that best described my style, my personality, and my story. Throughout the time I have been blogging, I have grown and matured. Not only as a brand, but as a person as well. With time, my style has also evolved. I have been able to find myself and better who I am through fashion and beauty.


Photography: Christine Michelle

I'm a Cuban bred Miami girl, enough said! Miami and my Hispanic roots will always have my heart no matter where my career takes me.

Palm Set c/o Diva Boutique (SOLD OUT) // Similar Here & Here 

Just as the word describes, I think my name and definition of the name best describes a part of me that really shows through my style. There's nothing wrong with a little sass!

Feather Flamingo Jacket c/o Saunder (I wore it as a mini dress)

If I were to describe my style in three words, they would be: sassy, edgy, and feminine. With everything I wear, I like to add my touch of femininity because I am very girly in other words. Elegance and feminism never go out of trend.

Dress c/o La Casa Hermosa

I'd say three years ago I didn't have the trust I have in myself now. I cannot stress enough how important it is to always believe in your self. When you do, magical things happen. Take the initiative, and take the risk. In this industry you will be burnt many times, by people (& peer bloggers) you thought had your back, and certainly by experiences -learn from them, and have your own back.  If I had something to tell myself three years back at the start of it all, I'd say: "Go for it girl, you have so many amazing things ahead of you. Dream and plan, you'll make it happen".

Thank you to everyone who has supported me continuously throughout these three years, I know it sounds cheesy....but, my blog would be no where without you all (including my team!).

Until next post,



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