Graphic Tee: via Nordstrom Rack (only $16!) | Leather Shorts: Forever 21 (similar here) | Long lined vest: via Nordstrom Rack (similar here) | Boots: Just Fab  | Hat: Forever 21 | Backpack c/o The Limited (similar here) | Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Spot
Photography: MGTorres / Danielle Margherite
I'm so excited to share with you one of the first #ootd I shot during my trip to LA. I had tons of fun shooting these looks (more coming later this week), and had a bigger blast ringing in my 22nd birthday in la-la-land. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity of traveling to different places, and later blogging about it and sharing it with you all!
Anyways, last week I passed by my nearest Nordstrom Rack, and spotted out this totally 90's 90210 tee in which I thought it was perfect for my LA trip (like hello, it has Tori Spelling on it...how could I not?!)  I also picked out this super sleek a- line long vest in which I had been searching for the perfect one for the longest. I love adding this touch to an outfit because it definitely gives any casual outfit a more sophisticated look (especially now for fall). Now on to the boots.....I LOVE THESE. If I could just have these on 24/7 I totally would. Just like the vest, I had been in the search for the right high knee boot. Since I'm so petite, I was skeptical on how it would look on my oh so short legs (if only we all could have T-Swifts legs). Thanks to Just Fab, I found these babies that were affordable & fit me right. My tip for knee highs: make sure they have a good fit! (Baggy boots are a no no).
If you're headed to LA soon, or just hope to go in the future, make sure to stop by Rodeo Drive. Every fashionistas dream come true.
I hope you enjoyed this look, and until next post!

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