Catsuit c/o Knowstyle | Bomber Jacket c/o Knowstyle (love this one too) | Choker c/o Goth Gurl Shop | Lipstick c/o Nevermind Cosmetics "I can't even"

Photography: GenStreetStyle

It's one sassy Monday and I can't get over this look. Besides todays outfit post, I also bring along a very special interview with one of my new favorite beauty brands, Nevermind Cosmetics! See below for a sneak peek of my interview. For a the full look please see link below.

Since the catsuit trend or so called "onesie" made its mark, I had been dying to find one that I liked. I was a little skeptical at first, because there's so many ways this type of look could go wrong. I paired it up with one of my favorite spring staples, the bomber jacket. I think adding a detail like this to a catsuit is essential because it balances it out perfectly.

Major thank you to the creators (Marivette & Vanessa) and girl bosses of Nevermind Cosmetics for this opportunity. Hard working girls like you are why we have girl crushes!

How did you get into makeup? What do you love most about it?

P: I’ve always been into makeup (since I could remember) but I really started experimenting with it at 15. To me, makeup & the process of it is a form of art. Just like being a hairdresser, being a makeup artist takes real talent.

What makeup product(s) can you like NOT live without?

P: This is really hard! I’d have to say; concealer, Anastasia brow dip, & mascara!

What beauty tip do you super swear by?

P: Contouring…It's magical! And I also, live and breathe by false lashes. My go to’s are the Ardell Demi Wispies!

Who are your favorite Instagram/YouTube beauty queens to follow?

P: Dulce Candy (I met her & we became friends instantly & we still keep in contact till this day). Dulce was the first major YouTube beauty guru I felt inspired by. I also love Nicole Guerrerio & Carli Bybel.

Do you think fashion and beauty go hand in hand?

P: Most definitely. Just like I said earlier, beauty is an art & I truly believe fashion is too. Many people have a talent in both & those are the lucky ones! Many people think of beauty & fashion as materialistic, but to me it’s one of my favorite ways to express myself.

Who is your beauty icon?

P: Jennifer Lopez...She does NO wrong. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want that glowy skin?!

My FULL interview with Nevermind Cosmetics: Click here

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