Overalls + My 6 inspiring thoughts

Overalls: Maruchi (love these & these) | Top: Forever 21 (Similar Here)  | Sneakers: Adidas Superstars | Arm party c/o Taudrey ("The Kelly Bracelet") ("Florida Beaded Bracelet")

Photography: Christine Michelle

So, with this post I sadly conclude all the series of previous posts that were shot in Los Angeles. LA has such amazing backdrops I will never get tired of seeing, they are made specifically for photos it seems!

Anyways, It's been a little while since I last styled overalls on the blog. When I first saw these, I went totally crazy because it reminded me of the ones my mom would dress me in when I was younger (in the 90's) because of all the feminine details it has.

With today's outfit post I also wanted to do something a little different & I think it'll allow you to get to know me better on a personal basis! My beautiful photographer Christine actually motivated me to do this as she herself a couple weeks back wrote her own post on this particular subject (you can read it here-it's awesome!). Sometimes or (a lot of times) in life we find ourselves without any inspiration and that was truly my case a couple months back. I found my self in a slump, and even when it came to blogging I was putting off a lot of work aside for the fact that I started to question everything. So crazy to think, as I consider myself a creative individual. I honestly took a lot of time to re-evulate what and who I was as a person and what were the things that inspired me in my daily life.

These are the six things I came up with:

1. God // I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the passion & talent he instilled on me to do what I do everyday and what I like to call blogging. Isaiah 41:10 "Do not fear, for I am with you" is a verse I have always trusted in especially in times where I feel alone & uninspired.

2. People // Not just anyone for this matter....But the close people or maybe even THE person who have (has) supported you unconditionally no matter the situation or how you're feeling. In this case, my parents. I find the most motivation to get up & get work done when they display "tough love" on me and when they push me off my boundaries. Some others may see potential in you, that maybe you don't necessarily see for yourself. Also, this may be an obvious fact but the people you chose to surround yourself with definitely make a huge difference. I say this from previous experience, but never be in any kind of relationship where he/she does not support or care about your craft.

3. Travel // During this time that I was feeling questionable & uninspired happened to be during the recent trip I took out to LA. Leaving Miami for a bit, and getting to work in a different enviorment and with different people defnitley helped. I was able to regenerate, reinvent myself, and gather new ideas.

4. Self Competition // Yes, competition does inspire me. But, competition within myself. I always want to compete with the person I was yesterday. Be a better version of yourself everyday!

5. Failed partnerships // This really drives me forward. As everyone has experienced a failure of some sort in their past, that should only move you to get up, learn about it, and move on to bigger things. Sometimes these mistakes or "failures" are provoked by others you may even work closely with, but it's important to distinguish whether they are beneficial to you or not.

6. You // My readers & continuous followers have been the back bone to all of this! You all inspire me everyday to provide and come up with content and to most importantly push my own boundaries.

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