Risktaker Pearl Pants

As I entered a very important management meeting the other day, I was asked to write down future goals I had for my business. I managed to write down a list of about 5 - 5 terrifying ones I must say. Tracking back to this year so far, if you were to ask me what's one thing I have done more than anything else; I'd say risk taking. 

Band T-Shirt c/o Akira | Mesh Pearl Leggings c/o Akira 

I was deciding whether I wanted to share the 5 goals I came up with but, I found them to be somewhat personal and still very fresh to me. However... The Fashion Muse has been around for 4 years now, and as time quickly passes on by I will never allow for my brand to become a stagnant one. I have always seen so much potential in this whole industry and I have seen where it has taken me thus far. I am a TRUE believer that whatever you throw out into the universe - you can make happen. I have some very exciting things in the works (hint hint: like creating and collaborating looks for a wearable petite collection).

Just like this entire look was a bold risky one, I loved it! I adored being able to have enough confidence to throw something like this on, and believing I was owning it. That's somewhat of the same outlook I've had on my choices as of lately, even business wise. I grew up in a 100% Hispanic house hold, where the "mold" was the "mold". I've never been the one to follow the stereotypes that cultures or even the society puts.  You should be able to do what you love, wear what you feel good in, pick a career or path that enamors you, and cross off every single risk taking move on your list (and closet too!). 

If you don't risk take, how will you ever know?

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