Pink Power Suit

Pink 2 Piece Suit c/o Lola Shoetique (use code: FASHIONMUSE for 20% off) | Pink Plastic Heels c/o Public Desire | Bag c/o Akira 

If there is one kind of suit you'll catch me wearing, it's a pink one. Suits are so powerful and (if well tailored) they can bring some good ol'e woman power.

I've been planning to put this post out for quite some time, but I just needed the right outfit first. I get so many questions whether blogging is my full time career, if I'm a college student, and even how I manage having a business at my age. What better way to tackle all that than in a suit that screams girl on the run?

It's been two years since I incorporated and became a business owner. Yes, this platform that I started as a hobby became my business at 23 years old! Sometimes it's still so crazy to believe because I never considered myself the business savvy girl. At almost 25 years old now, I'm accomplishing much more than my business. I'm finally going to be graduating in the fall with a degree in not one but three fields of the communications field (Public Relations being the main one). 

It's been quite the long road, and not the easiest. I'm SO terrible with time management, so I've resulted to several options that have had to help me organize my business life from my student life. With all open honesty, I've never been the "school kind" of girl and it even led me to failing certain courses and having to repeat them but I knew I wanted to get a degree to have more open opportunities in the future. I have so much love for what I do, but I know my potential on the other side of the fence in this industry as a PR pro. Within my own courses, I've seen peers who take on this degree because they assume it's easy. I've seen others that accomplish it in less than the time required and step out into the field. Yet, it's taken me my time and I've become a self made entrepreneur in my own field of work.

I knew since my start into this industry, that I never wanted to let it slip because of other goals I had for myself. Being an influencer has opened so many doors for me, it as led me to meet incredible individuals, and most importantly it has taught me a TON about the Public Relations field. It has been so incredibly hard to manage my focus on two aspects of my life that need 100% of my attention. I've had several professors in the past that knew what my source of income was and gladly understood when I wasn't in class because I was traveling, at photoshoots, or even at fashion week and some that really did NOT care.

It's beyond innovative that we live in a world now where you can make a career out of anything. You can be your own boss and be a student at the same time. There is no age defying, no limit, and no rule book with a timeline. Wear a power suit, and empower. 


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