Summer Floral Dress: Day to Night

Summer days are always filled with endless activities, especially if you're vacationing. I wanted to style a dress that was both versatile for the day and for the night.

To easily make this ruffled floral dress wearable during the day, I decided to layer lightly (because, when you live in Miami the heat is brutal). Funny enough, the white t-shirt I added below this dress is a crop top, so it helps prevent from becoming way to hot! And of course, I had to throw on some sneakers. You know, sneakers are my staple now - and it doesn't hurt to say it just added a chic sporty touch to this version of the look.

Floral Ruffle Dress c/o Style Delivers | White Denim Jacket: Forever 21 | Bag: Chloe | Clear Jeweled Heels c/o Missy Empire

As for taking this into the night time, I simply just removed the white t-shirt from under, added some heels, and threw on a white denim jacket over the shoulders.

For the summer, the style of this dress is also super refreshing because of the back cut outs and the ruffles at the hem. Also, it helps that the fabric is a nice light satin fabric!

It's so easy to take daytime pieces (whether it'd be jeans or a dress) into a nighttime look, especially if you're on the run.

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