Looking stylish while on the run

It's no surprise that most of us live a fast paced daily lifestyle, whether you work, you're a student, or even a mom... We're always on the run!

As for me, my time is often limited and occupied by errands, work, college, and everything else that falls in between. So, I used to often struggle finding an outfit when I only had 15 min tops to get ready and out the door to start my day. I mean, we can all relate right? We've all definitely have had those moments where you just stand in front of your closet stressing because you only have a certain amount of time to choose something to wear.

I've managed to find some ways that best worked for me in these situations, so I wanted to share them with you!

I've always been the girl that goes shopping and heads straight to the "currently trending" type of outfits (& there's nothing wrong with that!). But, I've learned from many closet clean outs, that trends come and go, and basics stay forever. Most of the items I usually get rid of when I am seasonally cleaning out my closet, always tend to be the outfits that were currently trending at one moment, but that are no longer a "thing". This comes to show, that basics are essential.

Why? Well, when you are in a hurry to pick something out to wear: a basic necessity could always be mixed in with a trendy piece. For example, a graphic tee & a cute stylish skort (as seen on me). Funny enough, graphic tees have become one of my basic essentials to have in my daily wardrobe - they're so fun to dress up or down! (& they are easy to reach for).

I never though I'd come to this point - considering I would always live in heels. They just always make me feel taller and powerful. But, in reality...how practical is that? Trendy sneakers are having such a moment now, that they make any look feel comfy and stylish. However, don't get me wrong....I keep the heels in the back seat of my car (for just "in case" moments!).

We all have different roles in this society, so always dressing the part (especially when you're on the go) is important. If you're someone who maybe works in the corporate environment, you may have a totally different "on the run" look than a full time blogger wearing sneakers! For those mornings where your alarm clock doesn't go off and your boss is expecting you in the office by a certain time, it's important that you have an "emergency" outfit down that you know you can totally reach for without taking time to think about your options (this is where owning basics is important).

"Girl Gang" tshirt c/o Closet Motif | White Skort c/o Fashion Nova (Use my code: MUSEXO for 15% discount) | Sneakers: Vans

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