Satin 2 in 1 dress

Layered Silk Dress: Missguided | Velvet Boots c/o Lola Shoetique (Sold Out in Silver Color)| Leather Baseball Cap: Missguided 

Photography: Christine Michelle

My satin fever continues....and so does the over layering trend. Welcome back to the blog! It was my birthday this past weekend, and I had such a great time ringing in 23! I looked back on a lot, and I really can't believe I started off this amazing platform when I was just 20 years old.....It's insane how much you can grow within 3 years of time (personally & professionally)

Anyways, I had a interesting conversation with my cousin this past weekend regarding trends, and how they all evolve. She happens to be in the fashion industry as well (it's quite funny how we both ending up in the same career track). We both agreed that the trends are leaning to a more minimalistic view, and how the 90's are taking over. I couldn't agree more! Minimal is everything (as less is sometimes or always more), and it actually makes it easier & more versatile to style.

As you can see clearly from this outfit post, the 90's are still dominating. The silk and the over layering is something you can't avoid these days. Also, remember how much I loved styling athleisure looks? I still love it, and in this case I mixed in the sporty vibes with the whole look. This happens to be a great example of mixing and matching trends, and I could easily add some sneakers to this look for a more casual look. But, I couldn't help but to style these velvet booties with it (I feel like these yeezy inspired booties is all I wear now).

How do you feel about trends evolving into a more minimalistic side?

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