Lip Fillers: My experience

Photography: Christine Michelle

"Making you beautiful from the outside in" she said. Welcome back to today's new beauty post! As you know, as a blogger I love sharing so many sides of myself, whether it'd be in fashion, beauty, or lifestyle. Today I am sharing a personal side of me, a side that may reflect many opinions but only one opinion being taken into count, mine. Yes, I got lip fillers. I have been so looking forward to sharing this experience with you all, and hopefully maybe getting some facts cleared, and questions

I teamed up with Miami Plastic Surgery & Paula Brezavcek (my lip guru, and the guru behind so many lips). Meanwhile Paula Brezavcek is a woman of many talents, her favorite specialty is perfecting the lips. "It's like an art, and I like to think I'm an artist" said Paula. That's when I knew I was in great hands.

While many think 23 years old is quite young for these type of procedures, I like to think not. I have always been concerned about how my face & skin looked and the positive benefits I can invest in early enough to help the process. So, lets get started!

WARNING: My amazing photographer was able to capture the procedure entirely, with that said....Needles are involved in the following photos.

At the start of our session, Paula went ahead and examined what she suggested we'd do and then proceeded to ask me my concerns and what type of lip I was interested in (natural, pouty, filled? All up to your personal opinion) Although she always loves keeping the pout natural, she will work around your liking. The entire process is quick, and takes up about 30-45min.

In the photo above, my lips are set with numbing cream. This cream is left on for about 15min and although it does burn a bit, it really blocks out any pain the actual lip injection may cause (SO thankful for this numbing cream)

Now, for the real reality: getting swollen, burning sensations, bruising, and bleeding are prone to happening. Fortunately enough, I do not bruise, but I do get some what swollen (ice packs become your best friend). Below: I have answered some questions that you all asked me on snapchat regarding the process.....

Does it hurt?: Honestly, what cosmetic procedure doesn't hurt? While getting lip fillers isn't a torturing pain (at least for me it isn't) the best way I can describe it is by comparing it to a mosquito bite on your lip! A quick little pinch and some burning sensation. The only sensitive area that did hurt a little more was when the filler was injected towards the center of both the bottom & top lip. Side note: the center of your lips contain the nerves.

What type of filler did you get, and how long does it last?: I got Juvederm; as for the lasting effects, lip fillers can last up to 6-7 months. With that said, Paula recommends coming back every 3 months for a quick touch up (perfecting the lip- as she likes to call it) just to train the lips to the size you like.

Do you see immediate results?: Yes. Remember, Juvederm is in liquid form and like the title states; your lips are essentially being "filled" with the product. Although, you often do get swollen for about two days after your procedure, you can really see the true results after about a week.

When is it too much?: This question is really up to the patient, but in my session we used half of a syringe. When I go back after my 3 months, the other half will be used. Paula always suggests starting off slow, over doing it can really result in botched looking lips sometimes.

After all, I'm so happy I made the decision of getting lip fillers (and with the right team of professionals). I have never been insecure about the way I looked, nor did I ever think I needed cosmetic procedures done because it was the happening or currently trending "thing". Although, thanks to Ms Jenner, she made lips a trending topic.

I truly believe that woman should be open to improving certain aspects about themselves, and if it makes them feel better about them entirely, great! I have always been open minded to this topic, and I like to say my mother always instilled this mindset on me. This society does not simply show woman to dislike their image, it teaches them too.  These are all personal decisions we make for our selves and they should be solely be based on our self. Never make these kind of decisions based on someone else's opinion of you. We live in such a cut throat generation, but girl, don't do it for them...Do it for you!

Huge thank you to the team at Miami Plastic Surgery, and to the incredible Paula Brezavscek, PA-C for helping me feel my most beautiful.


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  1. This question is really up to the patient, but in my session we used half of a syringe. When I go back after my 3 months, the other half will be used. Paula always suggests starting off slow, over doing it can really result in botched looking lips sometimes. waterproof bed sheet for adults , razai cover ,


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