Tulle & Lace Dress + A mindful memo of a dreamer

Dress c/o Please Don't Tell Shop (Now Available) | Python Heels c/o Chiffino Shoes | Gold Watch: Vintage Gucci | 

Photography: Christine Michelle

 I am finally back and settled in Miami after a hectic but successful weekend in the big apple that almost seemed like a month long. This officially marks the first outfit post of New York Fashion Week and I couldn't be any happier to start sharing my favorite looks!
This dainty feminine dress from Please Don't Tell Shop was an exclusive and if you followed me on social media you may know this wasn't the first look I wore, but I couldn't help posting because OMG....This dress is a true gem. I really don't think pictures do it justice, but my amazing photographer did bring it to life in the best possible way.

Other than pointing out the obvious (about this gorgeous dress) I also wanted to take a moment to share somethings that have been on my mind lately. It's rarely ever that I share my personal side on the blog (but after all, it is a blog-and I am free to express & share my honesty with you all). My first ever fashion week was just short of a year ago, I headed to NYC for my first experience of what many call the big show of the fashion industry. I really didn't know what I was getting into, nor what I was going to do (without any invitations) but I knew I was going to show face and make a mark. Without the huge support system I have and the constant day dreams I go through on the daily, I would have never pushed myself to get out of the box.

You know that often over used quote that goes a little something like this?: "God has a reason for everything he does". I have always been an avid firm believer in that saying as my mom always instilled it on me. It wasn't till some weeks before heading to NYC that I was fired in the most immoral way (for getting really sick -almost fainting on the job & having to go home) from a job many knew my love for (web & social media director of a very popular online store). Even though I was told to never come back because I feeling sick and having to leave early, I knew I had just been fired and it was all in the plans of the man above. It still doesn't make it through my mind how someone could get fired for being ill....But anyways, besides that fact....It was the best possible thing that could have occurred. You know when one door closes, often a million other ones open (if you work hard for them to open). After the fact of falling, I was reminded that I was my own girl boss & I was my own inspiration. No one or no job could ever do that for you. I built this brand, and I am so fortunate I get to call this work everyday. A million doors have opened since, my team & I dominated in NYC and even shot streetstyle with some of the biggest photographers in the business that belong to names like Vogue & Harpers Bazaar.

Don't ever let any one try to determine your worth & dreams.....Inspire yourself, and always be 10 steps ahead of those that don't appreciate who you are. After all, they'll never be you.

(P.S) The Fashion Muse was nominated Best Fashion Blog of 2016.....Voting will begin on October 1st, details to follow. Thank you to all of you who constantly believe in the worth of dreams!

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