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Photography: Danielle Margherite
Being only 22 years old doesn't mean anything when it comes to love or experiences that involve that complicated & beautiful four lettered word, its just a number. I always say that if I had the opportunity to write a self help book for woman I totally would. My self help book would consist of everything and anything you would usually chat about with your best gal pals. Surprisingly, I have had so many situations & experiences that have brought me to where I am today with words happiness & love that I am not shy about expressing. I always find my self sharing my opinions & thoughts with my friends when it has come to their relationships and such. But, what about myself? That question always came across my mind whether I was helping my girlfriends, or in a relationship. Ladies, moral of the story...learn how to take care of your needs, understand what they are, and most importantly love yourself. When you have come to peace with all you have to offer as your true self, everything else will fall in its place.
Anyways, whether you are single this valentines day or sharing it with your forever love....Every girl needs a powerful red outfit in their closet they can pull out on occasions like this. I know, I know...Sooo cliché of me to wear red on cupids holiday, but I really couldn't stay away from it. I love jumpsuits that elongate the body with the fit of the pants. Also, how adorable is this piñata? I teamed up with newly launched Miami based company, Surprise Piñata! They offer a one of a kind service, where they deliver piñatas at your doorstep for any special occasion or person. Be sure to check them out, I love any local start up!
I hope you have a happiness filled Valentines day with your loved ones. Stay updated on my social media channels as I will be heading to NYC for NYFW.
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