NUXE Skin Care: Indsiders look + First Impression + Review


So, this past Friday I was luckily invited with 10 other Miami bloggers to attend a ultra chic Parisian roof top brunch courtesy of Nuxe Skin Care. I was super excited to receive this special invitation just because I really love to educate myself on beauty & skin care brands, and so learning more about a brand such as NUXE was perfect and I was just dying to share all this with you including an insiders look at the brunch!





  For starters, this brunch / presentation was every girls Parisian dream...... I felt so lucky to be part of it! Upon arrival, we were greeted with mimosas (the necessary), a cloud of beautiful flower arrangements, and chic Parisian inspired food.
NUXE is a skincare brand originated in Paris, France. The popular skin care brand, is one of the top selling brands in Europe, and it has also taken over the American market. You all know how obsessed I am with skin care routines. Ever since I was young, my mom always taught me the importance of taking care of your skin, especially for the future years to come. You skin is the one and only canvas you have forever. So, proper care is must! Thanks to NUXE, I got to update my morning + evening skin care routine with a couple of their best selling products. I went ahead and shot my favorite products from the brand, wrote my review on them, and how I have now incorporated them into my daily life.  See below for all product details.

  • Best selling product in the line ever
  • Multi purpose - could be used on hair, nails, body, makeup
  • I love blending this product with my foundation for a dewy glowing look
  • Smells amazing!
  • Creamy thick consistency
  • For daily use
  • I use it in the morning + night
  • Both are amazing & for night use only
  • The detox cream helps preserve the skin
  • Anti-aging eye cream is great for under eye circles
  • These two products together work miracles!
  • Makeup remover
  • I preferably like using it for the eye area (for the removal of mascara and eyeliner)
  • Rose water is great for the skin



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