The Limited Takeover

I had such a great time hosting an event for The Limited! I mean what's not to like? The Limited brings classiness with a hint of femininity. I previewed the new summer merchandise and fell in love with almost every piece! (as per usual). I got the chance to chat with customers, and style those who wanted some advice on what to wear for certain occasions, or what styles fit best for their body type.

I love The Limited because it has really evolved throughout time and you can honestly walk into the store and find any type of outfit to match your specific occasion whether it'd be for work, a party, a casual outing, and even a beach get a way!

At the event I styled a casual and night time look for myself, and also chose a look for my mom. Look #1 was a two piece set that consisted of a tribal print shirt and matching bermudas. Choosing this outfit was easy for me because I like mixing print with some color and I loved how you can always wear the pieces separately. Look #2 was more of a night time outfit. It was a beautifully cut high-low dress with the dainty detailing of a metallic gold belt. I specifically chose this dress because it fit the "Miami standard" of a night look (meaning it was fresh, not overdressed, and edgy). These outfits are part of their most recent summer collection, and they're out now in all stores and online!

A special thanks to The Limited Corporation, and specifically to the whole staff at the International Mall store, you guys were the best!

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