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Where are all my Skinny Betches at?! I had the opportunity to interview & collaborate with the Miami native Roxanna Nowrouzi who is the nutrition queen behind "Skinny Betch Bowl". All of her recipes and passion for the healthy lifestyle will leave you wanting to make a change for the better. As a student myself, its hard sometimes maintaining a healthy outlook when fast food seems so much easier. Health blogs such as Skinny Betch can definitely inspire to create, eat, and live healthier. Skinny Betch has become a social media frenzy upon many, and of course...I had to give some recipes a try. (p.s they didn't come out so perfect, but at least they tasted delicious). See below for my one on one interview with Skinny Betch and for further contact information.

What made you start Skinny Betch Bowl?

"The reason I decided to start Skinnybetchbowl is because when I moved to college I really struggled with maintaing my healthy lifestyle. My mother is a nutritionist, and I grew up in an extremely healthy household where eating healthy was a norm. I have a few food sensitivities and I not only love to eat healthy, but I need to and feel better when I do. My mother has taught me everything I know about nutrition, and once I left home and did not have home cooked meals made for me I realized that the only way to maintain my lifestyle would be to start making my own meals. I lived in a dorm room my first year of college, so I bought a blender, took a trip to whole foods and started making smoothies and oatmeal for breakfast and snacks. My roommates who did not have much prior experience , and became more interested in eating healthy. Through them I was inspired, and I started to post pictures of my bowls here and there on twitter. People started to become interested, asking how to make them, and then it came to me that not everyone is aware about how important health is, or let alone have the knowledge of what to do/eat. I created my Instagram account to give direction to those who are looking to live a healthy life."

What's your favorite part about Skinny Betch?

"My favorite part about having a health blog is being able to inspire others, and follow them on their journey of living a healthier life. I also love creating delicious and pretty foods that are more pleasurable to eat and create!"

Where do you get your ideas for design and recipes from?

"I get ideas from my family, and different health blogs that I follow. I get inspired from other blogs and either remake a creation with a few additives of my own or I will create my own recipe based off of an initial creation."

 What's your favorite Skinny Betch recipe so far?

My favorite Skinnybetch recipe so far would definitely have to be the twix bars! Such a convenient dessert, and tastes so similar to twix! 

You definitely inspire others to eat right and still make it delicious & cute. What would you say to those seeking a better eating lifestyle or better eating habits? 

Choosing to eat healthy is not only good for you and will help you live a longer, but it will protect you from disease as well. Eating healthy boosts your energy, and helps you build a stronger immune system. With my recipes there is not much junk food that you will miss out on. It takes a few minutes to create a healthy meal which will make you feel great, and it takes a few seconds and a lifetime to regret eating something that is bad for you. If you love yourself and your body, you will want to give yourself what is best for you in order to live a long life.

Photo Credits: Instagram/skinnybetchbowl

To contact Skinny Betch Bowl:

Instagram: @skinnybetchbowl 

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