Things I've Learned From Being My Own Boss

It's been roughly almost three years since I have officially been a business owner. Being a owner of a corp or even your own boss can mean a entirety of things, situations, and experiences. 

I'll be honest with you, when I decided to take The Fashion Muse to another level and create a legal corporation for it, I was SO clueless. Gladly, my father is a business man and a boss of his own and with his guidance I started to understand somewhat the nature of what all this meant. 

I'll be the first to admit that at 23 years old, I never saw myself as an owner of any kind of business nonetheless my own bossy boss! It's hard work.... and starting up something from scratch is even harder but the benefits of doing this for your self are endless. 

I have never been good at numbers, time management, and obtaining organizational skills (true story) Which is everything you need to have to be a business owner, and much more.... However, situations and experiences force you to change and adjust. Even though I wasn't necessarily blessed with those qualities, I was blessed with the talent of branding, communicating, and persuading. I can easily say, those three qualities have led a way for me. 

Many wouldn't think that being an influencer or a blogger required any kind of work in the business field but actually, IT ALL DOES. Being my own boss has made me into a one woman show and what I would call a full time job. From accounting to legal contracts, I've had to learn it all. 

I have easily underestimated myself so many times within all of this, and have even second guessed the goal behind it. I can't sit here and sugar coat everything, because that doesn't exist. There are months where I've had to pull content out of the air and not know where my next brand partnership is going to come from - this is why content planning and financial planning is so crucial. 

I consider myself a hermit crab at heart... Although being very open with you all is easy for me, the nature of my work has allowed me to work from home 95% of the time. Up until this point, I have had to grow tough skin with others and even brands I have shared partnerships with.

I really hope sharing some pieces of my story can help, especially if you're looking to become a business owner yourself! 

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