What I wore: Tecla Awards

This past weekend was a memorable one... On Thursday (April 19th) I was recognized with probably one of the hottest and honorable mentions of the moment in the Latino community, a Tecla Award. 

A few months back I had been nominated for the title of "Best Fashion Content Creator" of the year and nonetheless, you can totally say I was super stoked and humbled! 

I knew I wanted to wear a piece that was original and embodied my Latina roots. Besides those two details, I made it a point to wear a local designer/small business owner. I had my reasons for that, but the most important being - support. Support has been the one word within the past three and a half years in my blogging career that has struck me the most. I ultimately started The Fashion Muse very local and as a small business owner, I know how hard it could be. Without the support of SO many individuals, I wouldn't be here. 

Can you believe this entire look was under $100? Even though I did not purposely plan it to be an affordable one, this was the perfect example that you can easily find such elegant unique pieces that don't break the bank. It always comes down to styling and attitude! You can wear a $20 dress on a red-carpet and own it as if it were designer. 

Fringe Jumpsuit c/o Ava Giselle Collection $79 | Red Heels: Lola Shoetique $28 (use code: FASHIONMUSE for 15% off)

Let's get real here; I often walk into these things saying "I may not win, but I won already." I often don't relate to titles or labels, I think a lot of us here work really hard to reach certain goals and dreams (making us winners). With that said, I walked into the award show that night confident but with a site that I may not get this award. Time and time again, I have been so surprised how I have arrived at certain experiences (like this) and wonder how did I even achieve this? Time goes by so fast but, I could still remember almost four years back how I felt so uninspired. 

A huge thank you to everyone who voted, friends, family, loyal followers, and most importantly Hispanicize. I will forever be appreciative of this amazing achievement. I will always be a Latina trying to break and push barriers in such a saturated industry. THANK YOU for naming me best fashion content creator of the year!

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