His & Hers: Transitional Feels

Welcome to a new series on the blog that I am super stoked about - his & hers. I love having certain series' (like everyone's favorite: "looks for less") that I could go back to, constantly create content for, and hopefully inspire (whether you're the girlfriend buying your significant other clothing, or just the boyfriend wanting to get some insights).

I'm always looking for new ways to expand & reinvent the blog, and creating a his & hers series has always been on my to do list (yes, I do have a check list of ideas and goals!). In all honesty, the idea of creating this series always seemed really simple, except we had one minor (I'd say major) little issue- we had no HIM! And, as many attempts it took to try to photograph a his and hers style guide with a friend, or even my brother (yes...my brother) I just could never achieve the vision I always had in my mind for something like this. Well, fast forward some months...and here we are!

Mauve Duster Coat c/o Oh Polly | Mauve Suede Dress c/o Oh Polly | Gold Heels: Lola Shoetique (Use code: MUSE15 for a discount)

Mauve Top: Alphalete | Skinny Denim Jeans: Rag & Bone

Photography: Christine Michelle

I decided to start this series pretty simple but yet stick to our individual styles and our daily lifestyle. Andy loves getting dressed up whether it's casual or not, he likes to mix in his athletic side with everything trendy.
A little about us

Both Andy and myself are in similar industries (I guess that's why we understand each other so well), he is the film world as a producer and director and you can also find him as a fitness guru on Instagram and YouTube (yup, you guessed it...I have my own personal trainer now). Although we are now a couple, we've known of each other for quite some time and as a bloggers dream would have it, social media brought us together - cliché enough.

With that said, we wanted to create a coordinated look together that could let us go for a brunch in the morning and even go for some drinks at night. I added the duster coat for a more day time city feel which gives me the ability to just take it off and be left with a feminine mini dress for the night time. He matched it up with the light wash jeans (for daytime) and balanced it out with a hint of dark brown in his shoes (for night).

We are so excited to be finally creating content together and hopefully be bringing some inspo to the couples out there (however we are also learning along the way). Our his and hers series will be made up of not only outfit posts; but lifestyle, Q&A's, and most importantly our journey together.

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