Nude Outfit + Life Update

I'm back! (and in full force, may I say).... It's almost been a month since my last blog post and I'm sure you're all wondering why. Honestly, it's been such a crazy month; from traveling, to constant meetings, photoshoots, etc... It's never been like me to take a hiatus from blogging (even if it's a month) but, I sure needed the time to catch up on all the work and special things I have planned for the future of The Fashion Muse!

Other than the usual outfit or beauty posts here on the blog, I wanted to make this post a little different and share a little life update as to what I have been up to. I would really like to continue on sharing life updates here and there because I always love taking you all along with me on my daily adventures.

Nude Bodysuit c/o Lola Shoetique | Nude Joggers c/o Lola Shoetique | Tie up boots c/o Lola Shoetique (use code: MUSE15 for a 15% off discount your next purchase) | Oversized denim jacket: Custom Made

As most of you know, I was in LA recently for work, and I have been traveling out there more often now since opportunities are arising there. But, what most of you don't know is that having to leave Los Angeles becomes worse and worse every time I go. I got back on a Sunday, and I'll be honest in saying that I really cried throughout the week that was ahead. If you happen to know me personally, you know how much love I have for that city. It's always been a dream of mine since I was a child to someday reside there permanently. Although I was born and raised here in Miami, I will never consider it my home. Some of you may ask why? and this is a question I have constantly thought about - my conclusion always results to being the same.... My future. As Miami will always have my heart (because of family and memories created here) I know the potential I have to grow professionally and personally in my dream city with the amount of opportunities it offers in this industry. It's an ambition, and I really feel homesick every time I leave Los Angeles and arrive back to Miami.

It was personally really tough this time around, and it definitely threw me into a little funk. Whenever I find myself feeling uninspired I always remember what I have achieved thus far. 

As I always say, a dream is reality... You just have to work to make it happen because everything in this life is achievable. My plans on moving are so close I can already feel it and I'm nothing but excited to make the leap. (P.S) That's why I made sure to include a pic of my favorite palms, they remind me of all the possibilities awaiting in Los Angeles.

Thank you for the continued support, and I cannot wait to share all the amazing content I have lined up.

Until next post,


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