Midnight Romance with Ralph Lauren


Photography: Christine Michelle

Fragrances have always been such a personal touch to my everyday life. I can pretty much assume that everyone has experienced a fragrance at one point that maybe reminded them of someone, a place, and even a situation they've been in.

Today I have partnered with Ralph Lauren on their "Romance" campaign for the holidays. Funny enough, Ralph Lauren's signature women scent Romance has always topped my list of favorites. Until.....Midnight Romance was released. Midnight Romance is definitely the softer (but still strong) version of the brands' original best seller. The dark vanilla & peony in this fragrance is the perfect mix for a wearable day time and special occasion fragrance, it's so versatile! With that said, there's a close group of individuals in my life that I truly love like; family, friends, and a significant other. Not only does the name of the perfume constantly remind me of them when I wear it, but it reminds me that I am loved (that's what certain perfumes can do - cheesy, I know).


Anyways, fun fact: during the holiday season and even around any type of special occasion like birthdays, the number one gifted item always happens to be a fragrance. However, from personal experience it's always good to know the person well before gifting them a perfume or cologne. We all know how horrible it is having to accept a fragrance we actually hate!

I have linked above Midnight Romance along with its original version and even some fun holiday sets you can click on to direct direction to the site!

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This post was sponsored by Ralph Lauren. However, all further opinions are my own.


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