My hair transformation

 This past week I was so lucky to have worked on a very special beauty project alongside Hot Head Hair Extensions, celebrity renown  hair stylist Martino Cartier, and Hair Talk. The "Front Row" hair festival took place in the always trendy Wynwood neighborhood, and I couldn't have been more excited to be the hair muse for the day.
Photography: Christopher Ramos

 Above you can see the before and after the extensions had been applied to one side. The right side has the extensions without styling, and the left side is my natural hair length. The whole process took about 4 hours, just for the fact that I have SO much hair. Applying extensions is a tedious process, but it's totally worth it at the end.
Hair stylist Martino Cartier, used about 5-6 packs of extensions on me....(he was so overwhelmed by the amount of hair!) Once they were applied, he went ahead and trimmed my hair to the extensions for blending purposes.

After the application process has been done, the fun part came along....the styling! Martino wanted to go for that luscious Hollywood glam type of hair wave. Tip: if you have thick hair like I do, doing waves like these really look great; plus, they add a ton of volume.
These extensions last about 2-3 months (if taken care of properly) and they are 100% real hair. I'm super happy and excited about this transformation & I cannot wait to let you guys see you more of it in other photos. 
I really hope you enjoyed this beauty post!




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