Fall Waves with Ulta Beauty

Welcome back to the blog! What better way than to start a Monday with a hair tutorial? I am thrilled to bring you this collaboration alongside Ulta Beauty, recreating one of my favorite go-to looks for fall and the holidays. I am also super excited to be debuting the BeachWaver rotating ceramic curling iron. Yup, you heard right. This curling iron does the rotating of the curl for you so you wont have to. With very simple steps and up to 410 degrees in temperature, this hair iron lets you transform your hair into 3 amazing looks; The Beach Wave, The Old Hollywood Glam wave, and the Tight Curls and or any other wave you may have in mind.

I went ahead and recreated this old Hollywood hair look that I absolutely love. If you have been following my blog for a while you'd know that this is my signature look. There's nothing better than soft bouncy beach waves.  I've broken down the tutorial into 10 easy steps. See below for all the details and product info! Lets get started:

Beach Waver c/o Ulta Beauty

Photography: Danielle Margherite


1. I always like to curl my hair after 2-3 days of washing it. Creating a curl that lasts can be difficult with freshly clean hair. To start, make sure your hair is fully dried and brushed through.
 Also, I like to set the iron at 350' degrees, just so I wont damage my hair as much with the higher levels of heat.

2. Section hair and leave a minor back part down. This process will help with curling the hair neatly.

3. Always start with the bottom pieces, curl them outward. I like creating tight curls at the beginning, the tighter the curl the longer it'll last.

4. Repeat sectioning & curling hair outward. With the BeachWaver you have the ability of just pressing the outward pointing arrow on the iron and let it do the rotating of the hair for you.

5. Once you reach the top layer, part the hair to whichever side you prefer. For this look, I love a deep parted side.

6. All upper layer pieces should be curled towards the face. Meanwhile, all the pieces towards the back of your head remain getting curled outward (away from the face).

7. Once you have completed curling hair, pull one chunk of hair behind your ear and leave the other side as is.

8. Next, tease the front pieces of your hair on the side that you did not pull back behind the ear. Teasing will add volume to the root, and it will give you that side swept hair at the end.
 9. Lightly, use hairspray to spray all over hair. I love using this Treseme strong hold spray because it really holds my hair look all day, and it doesn't leave it looking stiff. After you have sprayed your hair, I like brushing out the curls for the effect of soft delicate waves (this is a major step in this look). You never want the ending result to be tight "Shirley Temple" curls.  

 10. Lastly, brush out the tease softly and use hairspray. Once my look is completed, I like adding a couple of drops of hair shine oil, or hair BB cream. By doing that, your hair will look softer, have a shine, and the look will hold up longer throughout the day or night.

What is your favorite go -to fall / holiday hair look?

I hope this hair tutorial was helpful & enjoyable! Until next post.


This post was sponsored by Ulta Beauty, all opinions are my own.


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