Dress: via Poshmark (I love this one and its on sale!) (and this one) | Shoes: Chiffino | Bag: Fabulux Boutique | Jewelry: Pandora Birthday Ring

I was finally able to shoot this little dress! It's been such a busy month, but I had so many requests & questions regarding this same look that I wore to an event I hosted about two weeks ago. But, I also wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you about Poshmark (where I purchased this dress - it was a great steal!) I also linked some similar dresses to this one above.

As you may know, I like to shop everywhere. I'm never reserved to one specific brand or store. So, there's this great service called Poshmark where you can sell your own clothes, shoes, accessories, and even bags while making a profit off of them! Definitely beats giving the items away for free. I came across a buyer selling this specific dress, (which only happened to be worn once) and I loved it! I never do so much print or color all in one outfit, but the detailing and embellishments it has just screamed Easter to me! Right? Well anyways, I'm always an advocate for taking a low costing outfit and making it look like a higher priced one. I mean, that's the point of being a smart shopper right?? Don't get me wrong, I do love my splurges (especially on shoes) but, it's always good to be smart with your money and spend it wisely. I really suggest to take a peek at Poshmark and see what it's all about. Like most of us, we accumulate clutter in our closets and sometimes never really know what to do with it! Says, the girl with the 100 pair shoe collection (and growing - the struggle is real).

I hope you enjoyed todays post! Happy Easter.

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