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Benefit Cosmetics: Bling Brow | Entire outfit from: Diva Boutique

Its time to step up the brow game ladies because I recently teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics to launch their newest innovation "Bling Brow" this past weekend. Want brows that wow? Well, for a limited time only these Swarovski crystals will light up the scene wherever you go. With an amazing amount of variety to choose from,  Bling Brow is a great way to enhance your look this holiday season. Each set brings 52 crystals to choose from and a pair of mini tweezers for an easy application. You can get as creative as you'd like by placing the crystals anywhere (like under the brows or above), or you can head to your nearest Benefit Cosmetics counter and receive the full bling brow treatment by one of the fab Benefit team members! I had so much fun at the reveal event for this fun product, and I had the opportunity to try it out. I never thought I'd be sporting this type of look (unless it were for a Halloween costume) but, I literally walked around the rest of the day with Swarovski crystals under my eye brows and had no shame! It adds frame to the brows and it never hurts to have some sparkle in your life.  Swarovski's are a girls best friend ;)

And, if you were wondering about my brows.....
I've been getting my eyebrows done by Benefits Brow Bar since I was 16 years old! There's nothing more I love than a good shaped & treated brow.

Questions about the Bling Brow? See below!

Q: How long will the Swarovski Crystals stay on the skin?

A: The bling brow beauty service can stay on the skin for up to 3 days with proper care.

Q: Can I put the Swarovski Crystals elsewhere on my body?

 The self-adhesive glue has been dermatologist tested for use on the face, body, and brows.

Q: Can I reuse the Swarovski Crystals after initial use?

 For repeat use, try a dab of lash glue on the back of the crystal and apply to the skin.

A big thank you to all the Benefit Cosmetics team at the Dadeland Mall Benefit counter, and I hope to see your brows blinging this season!


Photography: Danielle Margherite

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