Fall Picks

 It’s crazy to know that we are just about to enter the long awaited fall season. When fall comes around, there is always some certain trend or trend(s) that become the “It” look for the season. With Autumn being my favorite, I take any chance to rock the dark nail polishes, the straight hair, the dark colored wardrobe, and of course, the Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks (a girl needs her latte’s!)

There’s certain styles that we are all going to be obsessing over this fall season. I have listed below some of my favorite looks and trends that I will be wearing.


This style skirt is such a staple in my wardrobe. Its classic and elegant without being "too much". I can definitely dress it up casually (as seen) or pair it up with some killer heels and I'm ready to go.
Plaid:| (From left to right) Nasty Gal | Forever 21| Nasty Gal
Plaid is making its big comeback. It seems like everywhere you turn these days, plaid is the statement to be sporting (especially for the fall).  It comes in all styles, and all looks (literally!). Don't be afraid of wearing it as skirt, dress, or even shorts as seen here.
The Denim cut out:| All denim from Choies

I love this style of distressed denim. I'm all about taking a specific piece in the wardrobe and dressing it up, and I can definitely do that with these jeans.

Dark Florals:| All looks from Miss Guided
Just because it's fall doesn't mean we have to stop wearing the florals! I picked out these versions of the dark floral because they make good transitioning pieces that take us from summer and enters us into fall.
Short hair
Hair is hair, and by all means it will always grow back! I know as girls, we are emotionally & mentally attached to our manes, but hey, change is good! Olivia Palmero rocks the cutest "long bob" and of course she served as my hair-inspo as I recently chopped my long locks off. Short hair is the MAJOR staple to have for this fall/winter season.

Tracked Heels:| Public Desire
I need these in my closet, like now. I'm so in love with the track styled heels. Luckily enough, a new brand called Public Desire is the originator of these babies and they are officially opened for business! Check out their site here.
Kylie's Pout:| NYX "Natural" | MAC "Whirl"
Every one has been over the moon (including myself) over Kylie Jenner's' pouty lips. Now, of course with the magic of makeup don't let those big lips fool you. Kylies lips are majorly over lined, but if you're in search for that dusty rose color she always uses, I have the answer for you! With research, and some professional insights, I have found two colors that match up perfectly. MAC's "Whirl" and NYX lipstick & lip liner in color "Natural" will give you the color that matches up to Kylies lip color. I included this into my fall picks just because I feel like this is the "It" lip color for the season.

 Credits: Zara, Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Choies, Public Desire, & Miss Guided
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